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Beating Tickets When You're Wrong?


Who thinks its wrong to beat a ticket if you know youre in the wrong?

Ive had several traffic tickets that Ive beaten when I know ive been wrong. My most recent was when i ran a red light and had no proof of insurance and bad registration. I went to court anyay and the officer never showed up, so I had the choice of admitting responsibility or pleading not guilty. I plead not guilty.

Personally I didnt feel I was wrong because I saved myself a shit load of money which I need more than the state. If i wouldve paid the tickets, the proceeds from that ticket wouldnt have made or breaked the state of Michigan.


I guess you clearly don't understand the point of getting tickets.


well, you knew you were wrong.... so who cares. Look at it as a free pass and go spend that money on getting your registration in order, so it doesnt happen again


Fight a ticket always. Piece of advice, have insurance and a registration and be very polite tot he officer. Rememebr they are lied to everyday. Don't care if they lecture you are have an attitude. Your attitude will control everythign from here on ot.
Before the hearing ask to talk to the officer. Ask him for a lessor charge that won't give you points are insurance issues. You would be surprised but many officers won't show up and second will give you a lessor charge.


Thinking like that is what made Michigan a shitty state.


Tickets are fucking bullshit. I got a ticket once for dumping a cup of ice out. ICE! The officer said he "thought he saw a straw". It was like a $500 fine for littering. I beat it in court and after I left, the fucking cop followed me for like 20 minutes from the court house. I just drove up and down the highway with the SOB on my ass doing 2 miles below the speed limit. What a fuck-tard.

It's all subjective and the officers are pressured into doing it as opposed to what they are supposed to be doing: fighting crime.


I got a bullshit ticket the other day, from some punk ass Parking Services bitch. I was walking out of the gym as the dude put the ticket on my window. I called him some nasty things and I was pissed the fuck off.

I got a $32 ticket because I had not bought a "summer parking pass" and the one I had "apparently" only lasted for the duration of the school year.

My parking past coss me $262 and I also had to buy another special pass (athlete parking) for $150. SO I spent nearly 500 bucks on parking passes and still got a ticket for not having a valid pass.

Fuck that shit., and of course, my appeal got denied...bullshit



that shitty state needs all they can get


Damn. In Los Angeles county you have to pay the ticket before you can fight it. Then it gets refunded back.



Atleast you can fight your fucking ticket. If you try that shit here you'll simply get another one.


That kind of shit happens here at ASU all the time. My friends and I always get hit with bullshit tickets, damn universities always trying to squeeze every penny. My parking pass is $280 for the farthest lot from campus. Anything reasonably close is $450+


Yeah i did that....this was last year, but i got right registration for this year.


I don't see anything wrong with fighting tickets. Going to court alone is good enough of a lesson. In fact, I have one ticket pending in New York state. I was driving through the state going 70....thinking the speed limit was 65 like in my home state. When the officer asked me how fast I thought I was going I said " 65" lol he gave me a ticket and let me go w/out telling me what the actual speed limit was....it was 55.

Pissed for 2 reasons: 1. The officer did not assure that I was aware of the actual speed limit. If I didn't skim through the ticket I would of thought I only went over the speed limit by 5mph ....2. there's no $ amount on the ticket, so I didn't know if it was worth fighting or just accepting the ticket. The court is located 2 hours away from my house. I said "not guilty" Hopefully, I can get out of this or lower the amount somehow. :frowning: Sadness.


traffic laws are invalid, hence, you are never wrong tro beat a ticket


my last speeding ticket I was in a 50kmph zone and was glocked at 114kmph. I was however in a very poor state when the cop pulled me over and was on my way to the hospital, I tried to explain this to the cop and he basically just accused me of drinking and driving, I hadnt drank a thing and after walking the line and such untill I was in much worse shape and had to sit down and catch my breathe and actually puke a bit the cop wrote a me a ticket for excessive speed and proceeded to give me a lecture.

I again told him I wasnt doing so good and his response was I should sit on the side of the road untill I feel good enough to drive. And then he left me on the side of the road around an hour later and I nearly and definatley should have called an ambulance but was dumb and drove the rest of the way instead, but at a much lower speed.

On the bright side, I did dispute the ticket and the find was dropped from 368 and 6points to 171 and 3 points. Also this was back last year when I was very very sick of several weeks and since then im 100percent and my kidneys havent hurt at all since.

With that being said, that cop was a dick, but most of them arent that way. And if you get a ticket you might as well fight it, provided the day of work or whatever you miss for it isnt worth more then the ticket.


No, beating a ticket isn't wrong. For those few here that said that it is, they are the same type of people that actually believe that tickets are there to teach you a lesson because you did something "bad." Tickets are just there to leech your money from you. The reason for the red light cameras strategically placed at the widest intersections or the shortest yellow lights so they can multiply their chances of having an opportunity to take your money.

There's a city near where I live called Murphy. It's the typical small, useless redneck town with cops that love to give out tickets because that's what their city lives off of. The Police Office complex in that city is really nice, and costed them a lot of money. They still owe a lot on it, so the cops there are instructed to give tickets for everything, and never accept any pleas or sob stories. They also have strategically placed speed traps solely to be able to catch people and give more tickets. On the main road the speed limit will go from 50, to 30 for about a hundred yards, then back to 50, and for no reason. The cops always wait there.

Meanwhile half of the cities here in the Dallas area are covered with criminals. Tickets are way more important though.


Almost every ticket I've gotten, I deserved. I've had my license suspended 3 times, revoked once and had to drive with a conditional license twice.

I had 3 speeding tickets in 18 months (damned fast Mustang) which spells license suspension in NY. I dragged it out in court and pulled so much crap on the system that they made me post $200 bond and I had to come back for my FINAL FINAL hearing.

Luck was with me. The cop didn't show and the case was dismissed. I got my bond money back and kept the $100 that was supposed to go to the fine. The judge pulled me aside and showed me my driving record on his PC behind the bench. I never knew they had a PC on their desk, which you can't see from the front of his desk. He says, most people have a few lines on their record, yours is 4 PAGES.

So, it is only American that you can challenge the system and win with some perseverance and luck. Always show up in court dressed nicely and kill the fuckers with kindness. Its all part of the cops and robbers game on a smaller scale.



I bet you think your an awesome driver, too.


Shit, you're lucky to be alive! Alot of people who get glocked don't live to tell the tale.

Unless you mean clocked...


Using this rationale, there's nothing wrong with burglary, especially if the thief needs the money.