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Beating Games No One Plays


It's funny man. I put all this emphasis in working out hard. Basically my one main goal for max strength was to squat double my body weight. I got it. I'm happy. Now I have to squat 2.5x bodyweight. In the grand scheme of things it's so insignificant. I don't understand why I like being able to squat x#of lbs so much. There's no extrinsic motivation. I'm not rewarded socially. Everyone at my gym is a body builder so they couldn't care less about a squat with x amount of weight. Girls don't care how much I can squat or deadlift. A 2x body weight squat is far from special in the strength and power sports world. It wouldn't earn me any kind of respect on tnation.

It feels slightly mentally retarded. I don't care that much about my social life. School pisses me off because I'm sick of learning about the tissue development of nematodes. I just go to the gym and lift x # of lbs for x # of reps and I feel like I've accomplished some amazing feat. After that I come home and blow school work off to read tnation articles. If spent all day friday pissing into the wind reading shit on tnation. Maybe I have some kind of additional psychosis that results in a false sense of accomplishment. That's kind of why I quit playing video games. I would spend all of this time controlling the variables in my own fishbowl then step outside my door and realize evolution in the pond had left me behind. There's got to be something wrong with me. I make my own games up, ones no one else plays, beat them, and feel like I've done something special.


Life in a nutshell.

Beats the hell out of playing other people's made up games, though.


LOL well said.

Just do what makes you happy OP, and let others do what makes them happy. But don't shirk your responsibilities either. The rest of us don't want to pay for you to play your own game.


How old are you kid? What is your point/question?



Post video of 2.5 X bodyweight squat.


Being 'intrinsically' motivated is good, extrinsic motivations are often (though not always) just a reflection of being overly self-conscious.


hold for six months


I'm 22. I put a lot of effort into things that are altogether insignificant. Some people go out and work 80hrs a week. some people work their butts off in school and do nothing else. I go to community college and do alright and go to the gym. I care more about how much weight I can squat. Which one of those two is more important?

No one is going to ask me to put my squat 1rm on a resume, and for some reason I focus on it more than other stuff. It's what I think about when I'm zoning out during lectures-that and ravaging whatever attractive female is in that class with me.


obviously the OP hasnt tried forced anal. totally opens you up.




Maybe try power-lifting? Thats a game many play.


Oh my God I just LOL'd so hard.