Beating Down SHBG - 1st Bloodwork Interpretation Post-TRT

Keep us posted.

My SHBG and Free T are similar (60-ish SHBG) on a 140/wk dose and I’m still feeling the sex side effects of too-low Free T.

I would love to have had free T and SHBG data from five or six years ago, before starting consistent keto and intermittent fasting. My symptoms rolled on within a couple of years of those dietary modifications although it took me a couple of years to put all the pieces together. Initially I chalked it up to aging, or stress, or possible side effects of vasectomy, etc. It wasn’t until my sleep and energy started to become noticeably affected that I did a deeper dive into my hormones and discovered my high SHBG and resulting low free T.

I’m due bloods back from Labcorp any day, anticipate bumping to 165/wk after reviewing bloods and consulting with my doc.

Good luck with your protocol!