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Beating a Tractor Tire with a Sludge Hammer


Been living in Nashville for 4 weeks, training at my brother-in-laws gym www.templefitnessnashville.com

They have 2 tractor tires in the back lot.
One small, the other big.
We usually flip them, or drag them sled style, but sometimes when I want to do some HIIT cardio, I go out back, and gram the axe-handle sludge hammer and beat the living shit out of the big tire.

Takes all I've got.
I usually 15 minutes on the treadmil with a heart rate of 130 or so, then go out back ande nail out 10 reps left, 10 reps right - then rest for 30 seconds.

Once I get to 100 per side, I go back in side for 10 minutes coold down on the treadmill again, keeping around 130 hbpm...

Doog Dog I am tired by the end of that..


never tried a sludge hammer, only a sledgehammer. Are they harder?



Thats funny

In my old job I used to ttype that word “Sludge” 3 or 4 times a day through email…
Guess it stuck…


i really enjoy the tire flipping. instead of always going for reps, try going for time. Like as many reps as possible in 30 s, then rest 30. That way you can progress by trying to do more reps each around