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Beatification of John Paul II, Now!


You can watch here for free:

Godspeed to everyone!


It's just a white square for me.


Fixed it!


In nomine Patris!


Beatification means the last pope is being canonized or going to be canonized?


Basically means that the public worship is allowed to be paid to them. There is a difference between beatification and canonization, I am not sure. The thing off the top of my head is that Canonized is a Saint that has performed a miracle.


I did a little googleing and it sounded like a step, maybe, to canonization.
Maybe not all, who go through the beatification, are eventually Canonized.


No, these are just the saints in which for whatever reason keep in touch with the physical realm through some way.

I think they should have chosen this picture for his picture. Much more awesome.


lol yep
At least they chose a younger pic.


Well they weren't going to choose a picture of the man with Parkinson's.


Dude, it's just not going to happen. I think it's a nice dream, but it's over. No way, no how is he joining The Beatles.



I don't get it. Don't know much about the Beatles.


I don't think you have to. So Chris, with the beatification, what happens next? Does it then make him a candidate for becoming a saint if (healing??) miracles are attributed to him? What else is required for sainthood?

Also, what do you personally think of his beatification?


Hmmm, shows how hard I studied catholicism (not). I didn't realise that beatification is effectively a recognition of a person's entrance to heaven? Is this true?


Well, you know the word "beatles" so that'd be all you need.


There is nothing in scripture that says we are to revere this man.


Who gives a shit?


Well they investigate his miracles and if there is genuine miracles then he can become canonized.

There is already several miracles, two of them are well known. One is a French nun cured of Parkinson's disease and the other is the healing of a blind boy's vision. I can't say, I haven't researched it too much.

I personally think it is awesome, I did stay up about 5 hours passed my bed time in order to watch it the Mass. From what I have read on him (I have read a good dozen books on him) he is...a true man and the statement that he was a brain and a half was no joke.


I don't quite understand it myself. I have prayed to John Paul II since early 2010. However, beatification allows for public cultus or public veneration. And, canonization allows the whole Church to have public cultus or public veneration.

I'll find some more information for you though.