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Beat Up Some Baby Seals Today.


Those white fluffy little fuckers were blood red and limp when I was done with them.
My baseball bat was a total mess though. Bummer.






I'm surprised by the lack of protein content.


I just came


Did you at least make a coat out of them?


Yep! But I just can't seem to get... the... bloodstains.... out.


I'm failing to see the problem here Dwarf.




what a dick


You can work out with them and when you're done just leave 'em where they fall and the food chain will clean up after you. Workouts don't get any more environmentally friendly than that.


'People ask me how I earn my living,
It's killing the baby seals
Arf Arf'

I like running in formation and tossing that little diddy out.


You're just jealous because you have to wear that piece-of-shit, frayed, brown corduroy jacket again this winter.


Oh no!!!!!!



Thats some fucked up shit, I get sad inside everytime I see videos/pictures of that. Just fucking shoot them in the head.


So, a baby seal walks into a bar.

Bartender says "Hey lil' buddy! What'll ya have?"

Seal says "Anything except a Canadian Club......."

Arp! Arp! Arp!

Play "Clubby the Seal"


hahahahahaa! I never liked that jerk anyway.


Yup. Just like sandbag training, except the alive ones make it more functional.


Yup. Just like sandbag training, except the alive ones make it more functional


hahahah, well here is a flash game where your clubbing baby seals..