beat the mind and the cns-how??

hi ct!
il be very heppy to here what i can do
in order to fix my mind in training.
im israel champion in weightlifting
{69 kilo catatgory}and i have 120snatch
and 155 clean and split, 200 kilo back sqaut and 180 front squat.i dead lift around 220 kilo.i train 6 times per 2
our aday in aprogrem of snatch ,clean and split ,pulls and squat in diffrent varaiotns evry problem is that after acouple of weeks of hard training il get very tired in my head
and my santch and jerk get hurt{the power exrcisies keep getting better}
i feel like im “sleeping” during the practice and cant get the best of my
self becuse my haed is in trouble.
its like i cant get aclear head.i did
blood tests and im not in overtraining
i must find away to fix it plese help!
p-s- soory on my english.
bty-do you recomend to add aerobics training in that progrem?do in need it?
also i cant get in israel power-drive
any things like that than can help?

no aerobics for an oly lifter…

ct? ll be haapy to hear what you think…
why is aerobics so bad for an ol?and how i can still have low body fat if
i dont do aerobics?{i have aproblem keeping my diet rihgt…}

Man, if you think that aerobic is the best way to get lean that’s you first huge problem! Long-distance/low-intensity cardio will reduce the strength gains you can reap from your training, that has been proven many times! If you must absolutely do some form of running, sprints are your only option as an olympic lifter. They will help you get lean while staying explosive. Compare the physique of a marathon runner to that of a sprinter, which one is leaner and more muscular? The sprinter of course!

Now, I don’t really like helping people who cannot help themselves. If you want to be world class, get that diet in order, then get back to me.

If you cannot make the sacrifices and have the discipline to have a clean and performance-enhancing diet, how can you say that you will be able to make the sacrifices necessary to be a world-class athlete?

BTW, I do believe that you are doing way too much work. When your competitive lifts go down (snatch, clean, jerk) while your strength on the other lift is OK it means that your CNS is overloaded: coordination in complex lifts (competition lifts) is the first thing to go.

Doing the competitive lifts twice per day is proably too much for you. I suggest doing:

15 min. of Snatch pull (no more than 100% of your best snatch)

15 min. of Clean pull (no more than 110% of your best clean)

10 min. of Jump squat (no more than 20% of your best squat)

Total workout time 40 min.

20 min. Snatch

20 min. Clean and Jerk

10 min. Back squat

10 min. Push press

Total workout time 60 min.

NOTE: You perform each exercise for a certain period of time (use a timer) and only do as many sets as you feel comfortable doing.

After your morning session ingest a good post-workout meak:

  • 30-50g of protein
  • 50-60g of carbs
  • 5-10g of creatine

Then take a 10-20 minutes ice bath

After your afternoon session dring the same post-workout shake but take a contrast shower:

  • 60 seconds hot water
  • 30 seconds ice water
  • 60 seconds hot water
  • 30 seconds ice water
  • repeat for 15 minutes.

amit, BTW, if you are interested in a personnal program email me at

It won’t be free but I’m sure that it will help you become a better lifter.

wow!!!thank you for agraet answer.
acouple of more qusotions if you will be so kind…

1}since i train 6 times per aweek
whre and when to do the sprints workout?

2}i cant get in israel the “power drive” any thing else thay can help
my poor cns?

3}i already use the pw shake that you wrote
and also adding 2000mg of vitamin c
and 800mg of vitamin e
any thing else that might help?

4}i will send you e-mail with more specific details in the up coming days…

p-s:i tried to fix my diet so many times…i just keep failing when it comes to the sweet things…its like my body demand it…thamk you so much ct you
make me very happy with your cooments.
and agin soory on my englsih

You could replace an afternoon session with them three times a week or twice a week, or cut down the afternoon session time in half and use half an hour to do sprints two-three times a week. You should also stick to short distance(50m and below)