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Beat the Crap Out of Some Little Guy


This happened just the other day. I was just chillin, minding my own business when this obnoxious girl started bothering me, then her bf came over and accuses me of hitting on her, now this guy was little, and you could tell he though he was hot shit cause he was so skinny - I must have had a good 100lbs on him. I just laughed and told him: "Fuck off. You think you're hot shit cause you're skinny and know MMA. Well you ain't shit and your girl ain't neither."

He didn't appreciate this and threw a left hook, I ducked, landed two kidney shots and when he turned around, I caught him in a clinch landing three knees and an elbow, he looked dazed and was nursing his bloody nose, I was in a real bad mood earlier though so I took him with a single leg takedown and side mount, then proceeded to rain down one hammerfist after another. That let off all my steam and he was just laying there holding his face and I was just like 'this dbol's really kicking in now.' and got the hell out of there, because his dad was just coming out the bathroom at the Chuck e Cheese's where this all took place, and that guy looked like he could kick my ass.

And shit like this happened before at Chuck e Cheese's. Little kids try to pick fights with me, cause they think I won't hit back cause they're all small an shit, but I show them.

Man I know being a skinny little 14 year old looks good, but what's the point if you're still going to get you ass handed to you by someone 10 years older and 100lbs heavier.






delete that second post! The OP ruled. hahaha.


That was epic, but this post ruined it :frowning:


Chuck E Cheese is bad news. You start a fight with one guy at Chuck E Cheese, you start a fight with all the guys at Chuck E Cheese.


great post!


Potential for epic win, but you killed it with that second post.


This was very well parodied, awesome job.


Second that! Nice.




where's that "yolked up" character...? get his ass in here



Enjoyed this!


x3 everything else was spot on!


Aye, Cap'n. Stick to your convictions.



Yeah... Epic



Fine, I fixed my second post. Fuck you guys, I'm off to go beat up some more ten year olds at Chuck E Cheese's.


Sweet, now we look like crazy assholes...


Chuck E Cheese has really changed since I went there as a kid.


Lulz, lulz and more lulz. :slightly_smiling: