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Beat the Caption

  1. Manuel reminesces about his childhood toy, the See-N-Smell.

  2. Dammit Gina, let him smell your thong and he’ll go away!!

  3. Drunk and confused, MBE can’t decide what to hit.

  4. Tim Patterson is once again undercover working on a new flavor for Mag-10.

1-“tastes like chicken”

2-“Hey Ladies, Wanna see my 18 inch Cod?”

3-To catch the big ones, you gotta use the right bait.

4-Just what exactly are you gals gonna do with “all-natural fish oils”?

There goes my idea of smuggling bottles of Deca!!!

When asked about that foul smell, Carlos seemed confused.

  1. I swear to god i just pulled it right outta there.

2.Chris Shugart’s weak smile couldn’t hide the fact he wished he’d picked door number 2.

  1. Biotests new RED-SNAPPER,POON HOUND PHENOMENON really works!!!

-I’ve caught the snapper…what about some crabs?

To all the tourists it was obvious why Julio’s shop was rated “#1 shop in San Paulo”. He not only took the time to explain, he showed why some things were sold by the lbs, and some by the hour.

I hope the two females don’t smell like the fish…

you gotta choose between fish fry #1 and fish fry #2.

Alright, one for all the devoted T-men and vixens out there. I apologize in advance as it’s more obscure-funny than funny-funny.

“And here’s a photo of TC, two weeks before writing his “Goring the Flounder” article.”

Juanita, the dirty Mexican whore, always felt self-conscious about the stench of her red snapper.

Tim wet his pants as he pondered
the optimum ratios for his new EFA.
More taste or less filling?

The before and after shots of Biotest’s new feminine hygiene spray

Unfortunately,Bob Hoffman chose the fish
for his “Protein From The Sea”

Some say Nelson Montana has never been the same after he was forced to leave T-mag. He has been spotted repeatedly wandering into fitness photo shoots raving at the models while mysteriously pulling an 18lb snapper out of his ass.

Pepe trying to impress the gals with his finger strength.

Though happy with his catch, Jose still lamented the one that got away.

I can’t see the guy with the fish. Where is he? :slight_smile:

Which fish doesn’t belong?

The new, improved Snapp 'er Snatch - an aphrodisiac with a bisexual twist.

“I swear! It’s bigger than this!”

“Damn baby, I don’t know what your wearing, but you smell so good, I just want to grab your ass and lick that tan tummy of yours!”

* The english teacher always went to great lengths to explain the metaphor in a manner in which his students would understand

* she didnt notice the fisherman when instructed to eat some snapper

* The dixie chicks performing live in spain.

* A new marketing technique to stimulate the catfish market.

* the new Chicken Of The Sea commercial