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Quick question regarding your new home workouts. I’m looking at the bodyweight one because I only have resistance bands and a kettlebell at home. As a Type 3 the emphasis on lactic acid training seems like it’ll be a good fit, just want to make sure before I buy. Thanks for this - I’ve been feeling like a slob the past week.

There is a band workout in the program too, so it will be a good fit.

BTW, I will be coming up with an article on sprints, jumps, isometrics and loaded stretching. All of these can be added to the workout. Isometrics are especially interesting to add at the beginning of body weight workouts.

Merci beaucoup! Can’t wait to start this.

Hi CT,

I do not have a set of dumbbells at home but should be able to borrow some from my gym or buy a few if they close. It would not be a full set, so what weights would you recommend if I need to pick a few?

DUDE! CT’s a great coach but you gotta make some decisions for yourself. Buy whatever weights you normally lift now, and not any that you know you aren’t strong enough for, nor will be in the near future.

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DUDE! If I was able to purchase or build a platform and purchase a bar, weights, and a squat rack to use at home temporarily then I would not be ordering one of these programs and would not have any questions. Unfortunately, not all of us have the resources for a setup like that at home. Also, most of us do not workout using only dumbbells and would have no idea what that type of workout would entail.

But you asked what weights you should buy. How can anyone answer that for you?

And if you really cared to learn, you could read the 10+ articles on T-Nation regarding DB only workouts, and the literally 50 threads or so that have popped up in the past week asking your exact same question.

Sorry, just tired of people never attempting to figure anything out for themselves.

I am obviously looking for a generic, not a specific, answer. Also, when I am considering making a purchase from CT and pose a question in his forum, it is not your place to suggest that I go elsewhere rather than making that purchase.

You want a generic answer regarding what weight an unknown person should buy? That seems…silly.

Anyway, okay.

Without knowing what the workouts even consist of, that is certainly a silly response.

I was simply addressing you asking what weight of DB’s you should buy, without giving any indication of your body, your goals, or your capabilities.

That’s it. That’s all you’ve asked. And that’s all I’ve addressed.

Can we move on?

My question is about a specific program which calls for light to moderate dumbbells. You are saying you know what these workouts consist of so are able to address my question? You are contradicting yourself, so if you do not have any info that would be beneficial for everyone, stop posting.

We’re turning against each other! This is exactly what the zombie virus wants!


This is the ONLY question you’ve asked.

NO mention of a program.

You are contradicting yourself.


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The program is in the subject line.

Calls for light to moderate dumbbells? A set of 10s and a set of 90s should cover such a subjective range.

Adjustable ones are a great choice for stuff like this though.

Oh the one someone else started? Gotcha.

To be fair it looks like his thread got merged with this one.

Yeah. I really don’t care, haha. I just got a response and kept it going. I don’t believe he’s seeing my point but he’s the one asking to be told what weights to buy.

My first internet argument!

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I designed the DB program with the premise of someone who has access to moderate weight dumbbells… so likely around up to 30-40lbs (it can work with lighter). That having been said, if you get heavier one I can help you add heavier stuff in (which would be better).