Beat the Apocalypse - Home Gym Version

Hey Coach,

So a couple of my buddies are working out at a home gym for however long we have to.

One thing we noticed. When we got to Friday, the 10/8/6/6/8/10 on the lower body movements (squat, rdl) was absolutely brutal. So much so that we’re not able to recover. The Monday and Wednesday sessions are insane on the lower body and lower back, come Friday we were trashed. How would you recommend we change to assist is recovery? We could dial back intensity but not sure where would be best. Any advice would be greatly appreciated Coach.

Do only one wave if it is really too demanding (10-8-6). A lot of the athletes I work with have a hard time recovering the first 2 weeks of such a program, but they adapt.

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Well give that a shot. It’s only week one so makes sense we need a bit of time to adapt. The long eccentric and very long pauses are training we’re not used to at all.

Yes, the first week on the system. A pro football player I train couldn’t even finish all the workouts. He is not a machine with all lifts up by 60-100lbs and he added 18lbs of body weight in 13 weeks without any visual increase in fat levels (or course, so of it was regained muscle lost in-season). And it’s not like the guy was in bad shape or not used to serious training, he was trained by DeFranco before.