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Beat the Apocalypse Dumbbell Program

Hi Coach.

For once I have no questions, I just want to say after years of strength focused training, this is quite an experience. I still prefer strength overall but currently I have many other obligations and the travel and prep time to the gym is easily an extra 1 hour, sometimes 1.5hours per day, not including actual training time, I don’t always have it. So while currently I’m training at home only, I am going to eventually do a 2 day in the gym, 2-4 in the house type workout.

Anyway, going from pushing weight plus supplemental and accessory type set up, focusing on reps, volume, technique and numbers, this workout almost instantly reminded me the kind of pain and pump bodybuilding type workouts cause, when trying to make light weights and bodyweight feel heavy. I haven’t felt and looked so pumped in forever. So even though it doesn’t fully align with my neurotype and I can only do this program exclusively for so long before getting bored, I just want to say, this program is awesome Coach, thank you! Brings me back menories when I was more into muscle building than strength.
Thank you Coach