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Beat the Apocalypse 2.0 Bodyweight Program

Hey Christian,

I just started block 1 week 1 of BTA part 2.

Monday: high density

A1) squat hold to parallel
A2) bodyweight squat

This superset literally annihilates my lower back before my legs get properly fatigued. I tried holding my backpack zercher style or wear it like a baby backpack (on the chest). Still the long TUT of this superset leads to an excruciating burning sensation in my lower back, forcing me to stop the exercise prematurely.

I’m a long legged/short torso lifter and I use a squat board to stay relatively upright during squats. Any suggestions for making this exercise less painful and more leg effective?

I fill my backpack with bricks (4kg each) to achieve proper intensity for the exercise. Wearing it on my back would force me to lean forward, which puts the tension on my glutes/lower back. Otherwise I would just fall backward.

BTA part 1 was amazing (especially the isometric days, I love those burns!). I want to make part 2 even better :slight_smile:

hi lou, i would like to buy this program. Do i need something like a pull up bar or we dont need anything ? I live in an appartement, gym are closed and the only thing i have is some elastic and a chug of water

Hey man,

You certainly don’t need a lot of equipment for this program.

The core exercises are squats, split squats, pushups, chinups and crunches. If you are a strong dude and well conditioned, you will need some extra resistance though to perform these movements with the right intensity in order for the program to work.

If you have a backpack, some books/other stuff to load your backpack, resistance bands and ideally (but not necessarily) a pull up bar, you have everything you need. I performed the entire program succesfully and I didn’t even have a pull up bar. I just used a tree branch from the tree in my garden instead. You can also perform your workouts in a park where they have pull up bars (calisthenics type of park) if your city allows it. The resistance bands come in handy for the chinups (you will know what i mean if you buy the program) and the gap workouts on saturdays.

CT uses badass training methods on these exercises that minimize the need for big weights. Hell, some of these methods make you want to go cry in a corner because they hurt so bad lol.

Also, keep in mind that this program is built for triggering A LOT of lactacte/growth factor production instead of muscle damage as a stimulus because of the lack of big weights. It can either be a really awesome experience because it’s a totally different stimulus than you’re used to or it can be demotivating if you hate the burning sensation of lactic acid buildup in your muscles.

nice thank you for your time and your answer man :slight_smile: i will try it, gym won’t open soon

No worries mate, have a blast!