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Beat Our Caption Winner!


The winner of the latest Beat Our Caption contest is. . . .


A free bottle of <a href="http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=459253"target=“new”>Classic Grow! is on the way!

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what did he say to win!?

[quote]miniross wrote:
what did he say to win!?[/quote]

See contest thread in War Room section.

the guy posted about 15 quotes all by himself, collectively about a whole page worth… maybe T-Nation should put a limit on how many damn quotes you can spit out, instead of doing what demolition did… its kinda cheap in my opinion

Hahahha… you are just mad because you couldn’t come up with a good one! :wink:

My friends think I’m quick-witted, cutting, and hilarious with a one-liner … and I can NEVER come up with a decent line for those contests. More power to someone who can produce several. (Unless he’s going for quantity over quality.)