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Beat Our Caption, Win Stuff

“Okay, okay, honey, you can watch The View!”

Gotta better caption? Man, we hope so. Reply to this thread and lay it on us. We’ll send the person with the best caption a free box of Metabolic Drive bars and a T-Nation T-shirt!

Let’s hear 'em!

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Time for some reciprocation!

now THATS functional strength!

“I’m telling you honey, the ‘Elephant under the chair’ comment is getting old! Am I understood?”

My sister does not have better legs. See for yourself.

You ate my last Metabolic Drive bar, DIDN’T YOU?!?

Turn your head back around, you aren’t done yet!

TC sent me to pay you a visit Mr Protein supplier. This is what happens when you can’t make Metabolic Drive and Grow! fast enough

“I’m sure there’s an easier way to do weighted crunches…but I keep coming back to these…”

Dave quicky regretted saying, “I thought you’d be a skinny chick” after getting Cynthia’s dress off.

“OK soyboy, I’ll show you who wears the pants in this relationship!”

“No, you will not get your balls out from the pickle jar!”


“What did you say!? Who’ll do the dishes!?”

The guys at Crossfit told Bob that the ‘Sally’ workout would really target his delts, but for some reason it didn’t quite feel right to him.

The UFC moves to fox

“You’ll start working out, even if I have to break your neck!”

1.) Slowly, Timmy began to understand why the wrestling coach told him to shoot for the take-down instead of the reversal.

2.) Now you know why Mommy says her favorite tool is her vise-grips.

Never try to wear my high-heals again.

Sheila does her snatch workout.

See Dick. See Dick talk about how CrossFit is the only workout he needs. Don’t be a Dick.

And that was the last time that Billy turned around to look at another woman.

Breathing his last, Austin Powers was helplessly consumed with but one question; “Was that a woman, or was it a man, man?”