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Beat Cancer Again!


So it's been almost 8 weeks and I am ready to get back on track to get to my goals.
can't wait to have my tshirt made that says "Body by Rick".
Looking for some support. Accountability is key for me.
Nutrition suggestions are welcomed! Also, if anyone has good recommendations for supplements.


Welcome and congrats on tbe huge win!

Have you spoken to your Dr. regarding supps? I don't use many myself. Whey, multi vit, creatine monohydrate and BCAA's. That's it....


Hallelujah on the big Win. Wishing you all the best as you shoot for your goals.


Welcome and congratulations!

The old folks home here is great for accountability, and even better at support and knowledge. Do you have any specific goals you'd like to share?


Yes, good for you.

Welcome :~)

Whats the body by Rick t-shirt ? Is that a program you just finished?


"Body by Rick" is a "GOAL" TSHIRT I will have printed when I reach my weight/fitness goals. Rick is my trainer. He has stood by me through my low times and depression and frustration. He supported me while I took time off to fight another bout of cancer. The tshirt will be a size small!


Ohh Got it. Soooo are you close? What does your training look like?


Congrats man. I know what it is like to go through that as my mother is a cancer survivor.


Hell yea!! Big congrats to you on the W. This log I will be following and offering as much support as possible. My wife is currently fighting stage 4 breast cancer, to see a survivor move on with life will certainly keep my hopes up.
Now go whip some more ass.


My trainer is very easy on the eyes and very married. But his heart and spirit are even more beautiful. I am blessed to have him as a friend and trainer.


Congrats on the win! A little more support here, but TRUST me, you don't want any nutritional advice from me. Ever hear of a seefood diet?


You tell your wife to keep up the good fight. This is the third battle I have won, and I intend to win the war!


Thank you for your support!


Welcome Aboard Catgirl!

Who am I kidding, Julia! You are one of my favorite people to hang out with that I know. I do not think of it as training a client, more like spending time with a close friend doing something we both cherish.

Anytime I start feeling down at myself or down in general I remind myself of what you have gone through multipule times with this type of Cancer that you have and kick myself in the ass!

You should not have to be looking to others for moral support and understanding actually others on this forum should look to you what real strength and moral character is.

This Lady here folks is the real deal- she is the only person I train that will give 100% effort everytime we train, everytime !

Hell yesterday after 8 weeks of going through Hell and this is the 1st day back w in the gym and she worked up to 90% of her old working weight on the flat bench.

I am blessed to know you. You make me a better person by being your friend.

Lift Strong,

Rick Fischer


Thank you. My main goal is to get leaner and stronger. Long term, I would love to participate in a figure show for my age group..


"Body by Rick" is Fischer, how cool is that!

Your story is very inspiring, and I am sure the best is yet to be written. I will be following along. Thank you for sharing.


Easy on the eyes, hmmm :wink:

Yea my dad is battling ATM, things are looking good. He has had a really positive attitude, which I think has really lead the way! I told him "someone" has to be the % surviving, why not him. He has held onto that.

Anyway... glad to have another female in the O35 :slight_smile:

I Look forward to your continuing journey!


Welcome aboard, congratulations on defeating a nasty foe...Ill be following.


Same here, Fisch nice to hear you are as awesome in real life as you are on here.


Congratulations on your win. My wife has had here own battle with cancer and won.