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Beastin' It

following Chad Smiths Juggernaut Method. Lovin it:
8s Wave Week 2
Bench-205 5x8 Last set:14 reps

Deadlift 295 5x8 Last set: 12 (overhand grip)

Squat: 295 5x8 Last Set: 14

Military: 135 5x8 Last Set: 11

this is from last weeks training.

Juggernaut intensification
8s wave Bench Day

Juggernaut intensification
8s wave Bench Day

135x8 185x8
225x8 225x8 last set 225x10

floor presses
185x8 225x6 245x3

incline dumbells
4sets of 80’sx8

close grip decline
workedup to 225x5

worked up to 70 poundsx5

shitty day pissed about 225 for only 10. had wisdom teeth taken out havent done much in the last five days. calories have been low. may have been a factor. gotta stop bein a pussy ya know?

Deadlifts 8s wave

Deadlifts 135x8 225x8 320x8 320x8 320x11

Banded deadlifts 225x6 225x6 275x4

RDLs 225x8 225x6 185x7

Goodmornings 135 2x8

Another Shitty workout. gotta get after it tommorow

Did some upper back work today

Tbar rows jammed in acorner
worked up to 4 plates and a quarter for 8 reps
50 total chinups like 8 sets
Kroc rows 135x7 PR 100x20
Latpulldowns 120x10 150x8 170x8

solid day.

Squat day

135x8 225x6 320x8 320x8 320x10

band squats
135x3 225x4 225x3 275x3

leg press
2platesx10 4platesx15 6platesx10 7platesx8

ehh solid i guess

Arms day

close grip chinups 3x8 1x4

close grip reverse band (gym bands pretty weak)
135x10 185x8 205x6 185x6

Ez bar curl
100 4x8
overhead tricep extension with ropes

dumbell curl seated 3x8
triced db extension 3x8

Realization Phase
Bench day

135x9 185x8 205x6 225x6 250x9 PR

DB Inclines
90sx11 100x7 110x5

Dips 5x20

Flat bench
90x10 80x11 80x8
Cables 3x12