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I’m taking the beast now before i workout. anyone else take this? I’d like to get some feedback from anyone else who has tried this.

Oh shit, you better read that Rater-X column in issue 104 of T-mag. You ain’t gonna like it. Hell, I’ll even paste it here for you since I’m feeling all kind and gentle today:

"The Beast: Anabolic Activator by Ultra Labs–

Just the name and picture of the gorilla on the front are
enough to make PeeWee wee wee his baggy Tommy Hilfiger
shorts. This stuff must work! After all, the ad says that “the
Beast is the number-one selling bodybuilding supplement!” Kiss
that picture of Ulysses S. Grant goodbye, PeeWee!

"Our T-Dude is immediately skeptical. He knows that the
most-effective supplements on the market have very low-key
advertising. If it works, it’s going to sell, period. Only
questionable companies with K-Mart products stoop to such
advertising. The first thing T-Dude sees is the word
homeopathic. This comes from the Latin Homus Patheos which
means, “Hey, buddy, you ain’t really gonna’ spend 50 bucks on
that bottle of water are ya?”

And what about that “number-one best-selling supplement”
junk? Aha, the answer lies in the small print: The Beast is Ultra
Labs’s top seller, not the world’s number-one selling
supplement, as they lead you to believe by the bold print.
Let’s see, what else do these guys sell? Hmmm, well, uh,
there’s that, uh … hell, I don’t know! The Beast? If you buy
this snake oil, you’ll be the Bitch."

While that article did do a good job of talking about the advertising, it didn’t mention anything about the actual ingredients. How about instead of quoting T-mag articles someone offer some input as to how and why it might/might not work.

Because it’s homeopathic. Homeopathic = junk

Tek, I’ve read some of your posts and you’re a smart guy, so how can you possibly flame homeopathic products without any reasoning. Sure, I bet there are loads of companies pushing crap disguised as homeopathic remedies etc, but that doesn’t mean to say that they don’t work. Just because some things dont conform to the scientific norm doesn’t mean that they don’t work. Just look at how backward most doctors are when it comes to relatively simple things like protein intake and creatine.

Heres the ingredients in the BEAST Ingredients:

Somatotrophine (GH), Gonado Stimuline, Chronic Gonadotrophine, Folliculostimuline, Adrenocorticotrophine, Thyroidinum, Adrenalinum, Progesterone,Orchitinum, Dopamine, Acetylcholine, RNA, DNA, ATP, Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine, Glutamine, Estrone, Estradiol, Cortisone, Saw Palmetto, Tribulus, Terrestris, Yohimbe.
Don’t ask me what all this shit is but it sounds fancy. Basically if I remember correctly a homeopathic supplement is where they use the actual ingredients that are listed on the product, but they are heavily diluted and broken down with water until only a minimal trace of each compund is left. so basically you bought yourself a $40 bottle of water. I’m sure several people on this forum have fallen for products like these at one time or another. Thank god you have T-MAG now to deliver you from evil.

P.S. If you didn’t use this stuff yet try and get your money back and buy a bottle of Androsol

Homeopathy sure is a strange concept. From what I understand, the belief is that by diluting a substance to the point that there is almost none of the substance there, you derive a greater benefit. So, why don’t I dilute my Androsol in 10 gallons of alcohol, then I would be making much greater gains? I usually don’t find myself agreeing with such blunt assessments, but I do agree that homeopathy is bunk.

Tommyboy nailed it. Let’s make some homeopathic Androsol. Take a bottle of Androsol , mix it with water and more alcohol and shake it. Now do it again and again. Hell, dump it into a swimming pool. Once it’s so diluted you can’t find a trace of the active ingredient left in it, then it’s offically homeopathic. Now bottle it and sell it to 14 year olds for 50 bucks a bottle. That’s the essence of homeopathy. It’s bunk, it’s bogus, the AMA has denounced it, bodybuilding experts from all fields (except those selling it) have denounced it. If you get any effect at all, it’s the placebo effect. The only people who believe in homeopathy are your mystic and yogo types, and of course, those selling it. I’d bet that if it was tested, you wouldn’t find a trace of any ingredient listed. But according to homeopathy, that’s a good thing. Now it’s “more powerful.” Go ahead, buy The Beast. We need people to make fun of around here.