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elitefts Learn to Train Seminar 3

… I did not wilt under Dave Tates intense Doberman-like gaze. I did what I traveled all the way from Connecticut to London, Ohio to do. I listened and learned from the best.

Great coaches and mentors can contribute to the level of success attained by their athletes/students, which is the reason we at Beast never remain complacent with our knowledge base and abilities. We consistently strive to improve ourselves, as coaches, and improve our programming for the betterment of our athletes.

Big Incline Benching in Beast Training

… Vincent Dizenzo heads back over to the incline bench and following a Matt Rhodes lift-off, he rams up the weight with incredible speed off the chest …

Dizenzo hops back on the incline and rams-up 525 for another explosive single. That is a 525 RAW incline!

Later in the evening my ten-year-old, Harrison, who met Dizenzo, says, That guy is so big I don?t think he can even hug his family.

He is big; big and strong, but I am pretty sure he can hug his family, Harrison.

The Lies we Tell Ourselves

… I came to realize that much of my training followed certain patterns. I have always been good at warming up, so that was not an issue, but a lot of my work sets follow this pattern. Call it the Pattern of 25 and 45. I suspect that this example is going to hit close to home for some of you, especially if you are honest with yourself.

For example, when performing the floor press, after an extensive warm-up, this was my pattern:

5 reps with 225 then add 25s
5 reps with 275 then remove the 25s and add 45s
3 reps with 315 then add 25s
3 reps with 365 then remove the 25s and add 45s
3 reps with 405
Shoot for a heavy single

I am almost ashamed to say it, but I was literally stuck in this rut/pattern for a couple of years. Sure, every few floor press sessions I made an honest effort to hit a new 1RM, but I was not doing the 3RM work necessary to build my 1RM. Only recently had I realized what I was doing and finally decided to add another 10 pounds to all the sets starting with what was the 275 set. So my new sets were 285, 325, 375, etc.

The first week I changed the pattern the result was a new 3RM of 415; a couple weeks later I switched from 2-board presses back to the floor press, remembered to break the old pattern and hit a new 3RM of 420 and a solid single with 455. This week, I had a near miss with 425 (hitting the first two reps and stalling on the third), so it is time again to change my special exercise, but I feel as though I am back on track.

The deadlift obsession continues.

After three challenging training weeks, I decided to take a well-deserved deload. My body was feeling a little beat up and I am hoping the rest will help contribute to a great deadlift session on Thanksgiving week.

When I arrived at the Beast at 8:30 pm, I was exhausted. I did not feel like touching a weight. I did pull a few singles to work on my form (I worked up to ~390; I practiced dropping my hips and pulling backward).

My training partners continued working hard; Owen worked up to 605 for a very strong single and Jon continued with the higher volume training.