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Beast of the Bluegrass Writeup

Struggled to make weight for this. Went into the wet sauna at 200.2, and after half an hour was only down to 198.5. Drove the 35 minutes to lawrenceburg in my sweatsuit and heat blasting, but needed a second scale to get 197. People may not like Brandon Lily, but he really helped me out in letting me weigh in 2 hours after they closed. He was very friendly, too.

Nutrition was garbage all week going in, I didn’t sleep hardly at all, and I drank 4 or 5 times…the reason for this I’ll explain at the end.


First weight was obviously easy, but I managed to stumble as I stood up. Had to go conservative on the second because of that. 462 was easy. 496 I tipped forward on. My wraps were all terrible. I need someone to handle me next time or I just need to eschew wraps. I took way too long to wrap every time and none of them felt right.

413.5 (meet PR)

Didn’t feel great on bench today, so I was really happy with hitting a PR. My foot slid on the second attempt and it was harder than it should have been, so I went a little more conservative than I should have.


Nothing left when I got to deadlift. Warmups felt bad. First attempt flew, but I almost fell backward because I got off balance. Second was fairly easy, but afterward I felt like my body was calling it a day. 3rd didn’t break the floor as fast as it should have, and I just died in the middle. Gave every bit of gas I had left in the tank, so I’m not going to lose sleep over it. I’m good for 600 based on training, so I’ll get it plus some a the next meet I do.

Overall: mediocre performance from me. 1443@198 is far less than I’m capable of. However, my dad passed away last Thursday, thus the horrendous nutrition, lack of calories, lack of sleep, binge drinking, and general exhaustion. I wasn’t even sure I wanted to do this meet given the circumstances, but I trained too hard for it to not do it. I at least came away with a 100% legit bench PR and a pretty good lift at 198 I think.

Also, I did something very stupid and tried 600 two weeks out after a full day or derby drinking and No sleep. I missed the lift at my knees and my back wasn’t the same after. Missing a bench or even sometimes a squat can be ok I think, but missing a deadlifting like that is really deleterious.

This was also my first full meet since knee surgery not counting the tune up I did 3 weeks ago, so it was somewhat uncharted waters for me. The meet was huge and had 3 flights for everything, so it was very long. I’ll be more comfortable in this setting next time.

Training went really well. I’m going to increase volume somewhat and tweak percentages in the first block, but otherwise I am really happy with my programming.

Great performance given the circumstances. Sorry for your loss man

Thanks for the kind words.

Sorry to hear about your dad brotha. Good job competing definitely inspiring to us young weak mofo’s.

Im very sorry for your loss brother. I give you a shit ton of credit of going through with the meet, not sure if I would.

The squat looked really good out of the hole, its almost as if you sat back too much and the bar rolled up your back. That bench was phenomenal dude, looked really easy.

Thanks so much guys. He was terminally ill and I was able to prepare, but that sort of thing is never easy. I really wasn’t in a good place mentally.

I agree, Matty. I was squatting 2x weekly throughout training, but I only got one squat in during the 2 weeks leading up to the meet with all that happened. I think it messed with my technique, and my low back was already fried from missing that 600 dead 2 weeks out. Live and learn.

Sorry for your loss Heavy. But know that it took tremendous fortitude to go thru with that meet. You sir are an inspiration and indeed a champion, regardless of the weight on the bar that day. You keep holding that head up high man.