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Hey guys and gals!

So I am another one that has been skulking around this site for the past three years and have finally sucked up the courage to make a post.

A bit of history:
When I was younger (6-14 years old) I did gymnastic before moving on to other stuff like Netball, Basketball, Athletics, Cross Country (forgive me), Swimming, and finally rugby. Got to play to national level back home, but have kind of been out of it since being at university.

Sadly, the university rugby team is rubbish, so I got really into hitting the gym. Did a NASM PT course last summer, and In September I did the V-Diet Intermediate programme, and am just finishing up the Advanced programme.

I'm 5 foot 4, 124lbs, and 21 years old.

Here are my most recent numbers from the programme:

DL: 220lbs x 8
Push Press: 88lbs x 8
Pull ups (neutral grip): BW x 8
Squat: 132lbs x 8
close grip bench: 105lbs x 4

Looking forward to testing out my new 1rms after this programme. My DL record was 286lbs but I am really hoping to get it up to 310 by July! Also want to work on my benching which seems to be severely lagging behind - I used to be one of those fools that was all worried about my upper body!

The numbers may seem a little funny - I work in kgs so have just converted them over.

Oh and the topic title - I am half Asian (grew up there) and half American :slight_smile: represent!

Looking forward to becoming more active here with all you inspiring people!




welcome :slight_smile:

i’d be happy if you logged in kg’s. a few of us do, but not most, admittedly.


Hi daniella: Great numbers. I’m looking forward to following along.


this could be interesting.


The title alone!


Welcome. Glad you decided to start a log here!


Thanks for all the support!

Yesterday was a so-so workout…I actively hate exercises which force you to pick up tiny weights!

Did the V-Burn the other day, and managed to get my time down to 16:17! Shaved 2 minutes off of last week - I think it had something to do with the fact that my boyfriend had done the circuit right before me to provide a little competition. Unfortunately I still cannot do the hand stand push ups so I do pike push ups instead.

Workout yesterday:

Exercises done using 14 rep max weight.

DB Upright row-external rotation: 7kg DB x 55 reps
Weighted Push ups: 6.25kg x 55 reps
BB Reverse Lunges: 50kg x 55
Wood Chops x 55

Finished this up with some 30m sprints 6 times, with about 10s rest in between. Haven’t done much sprinting at all in a while now so was good to stretch the legs! Also got to try out my new Vibrams - love them.

I’ve now technically finished the V-Diet but am going to continue with the transition workout for a few more weeks (I’ll be travelling and whatnot so don’t want to start a new program just yet). Today will be the first day that I have 3 meals - exciting stuff!

Excited about todays workout…I’ve got deadlifts, push press, pulls up and hand walkouts. Technically this is meant to be Fridays workout but figured, what the hell! Will post later on!


I love kgs. dont stop logging. tschussy.


so howd the advance diet treat you? before and after pics to brag?

travelling!! for work, or play?


Played in the Rugby Rocks 2011 tournament on Saturday in London - was great fun! Turns out my fitness is a lot better than I had initially thought. Used to do cycling and rowing tabattas twice a week a few months back, so was worried the lactic acid build up was gonna kill me whilst sprinting on the pitch. I was worried about my ankles, as I used to have a lot of problems with them rolling over. My Vibrams have helped a lot (please do get a pair), not to mention the excessive deadlifting and squatting I have been doing.

Right so the the Advanced Program for the V-Diet was killer. I was still on about 1,200 calories on off days, 1,600 on workout days. I had some trouble getting to grips with the overhead squats (fell over so many times in the first week), and had to reacquaint myself with bicep curls. I managed to drop from 62kg down to 58kg, but since I’ve been off it I’m back to about 60kg…keep trying to tell myself it’s water bloat. Will upload some pics from VDiet 1 and VDiet 2!

Travel - since i’m graduating from university I’m pit-stopping back home before coming back to the UK to pack up my student house, then gonna mess around Europe before going to Italy with the family (I’ve decided Italy is a female athlete’s hell…must figure out how the hell I am going to work out - SUGGESTIONS ANYONE? I’m thinking Resistance bands and a carbon pole to use as a bar).

So since I will be travelling as of this Thursday for a week, I’ve been trying to max myself out this week to let myself rest the week I travel. Since Sunday I’ve been squatting, deadlifting, and bench pressing with some accessory exercises in between.

Superset 1: Squat: 60kg x 5reps x 5
Bicep Curls: 15kg x 5 x 5

Deadlift: 100kg x 5 reps x 1 (lower back and legs were killing me from squats and rugby the day before)
90kg x 5 reps x 4

Bench Press: 45kg x 5 x 5

Then did a chest circuit afterwards:
Incline Bench press 12.5kg DBs x 8
Bench press 12.5kg DB x 6
Push ups x 3
Incline push ups x 3

Did this twice and to failure…a lot of fun!

Monday: Did the same circuit, but to 8rm

Superset: Squat: 55kg x 8 x 4
Bicep Curls: 20kg x 8 x 4

Superset: Deadlift: 80kg x 8 x 4
V Sit ups: BW x 8 x 4

Superset: Bench Press: 40kg x 8 x 4
Back fly: 7kg DB x 8 x 4

Finished up with a Lat circuit and a rowing mechanical drop set.

Today I am working to my 3 rep max…should be interesting! In terms of nutrition, did a high carb day yesterday (the boyfriend brought soe haggis down from Scotland…it had to be done!) But today made some coconut flour pancakes with fruit for breakfast…delicious! Will keep you all posted!


Hey welcome. Where abouts in England are you? I’m a Londoner myself - not a rugby player, mind you. Nice to have another British-based poster on board (even if you’re not a native!)


Welcome! Excellent numbers!! :slight_smile:


[quote]Cal Jones wrote:
Hey welcome. Where abouts in England are you? I’m a Londoner myself - not a rugby player, mind you. Nice to have another British-based poster on board (even if you’re not a native!)[/quote]

I’m in Nottingham just wrapping up 3 years of a degree! Where is it in London that you train? Hoping to get a job there, and been trying to figure out where would be suitable…


Great workout today!

Squats: 80kg x 3 x 1
85kg x 3 x 1
80kg x 3 x 1
85kg x 3 x 1
Bicep Curls: 25 kg x 3 x 4

Deadlift: 110kg x 3 x 2
115 kg x 3 x 1
105 kg x 3 x 1
V-Sit ups: 4 x 10

Bench: 50kg x 3 x 1
55kg x 3 x 3
Back Fly: 9kg DB x 3 x 4

Finished up with a Javorek complex twice. Fantastic burn.

Until next time!


I train at a leisure centre in Balham (SW London). It’s pretty basic but it has oly bars, a squat rack and a decent bench and they don’t give a shit if you use chalk.

I like Nottingham - I’m a ride enthusiast and I am usually up for the Goose Fair and I used to meet up with my old online gaming friends there as it’s more or less the centre of the country. Do you go to the Pit and Pendulum? I love that place.


welcome - strong numbers in here :slight_smile:


Hey sorry it’s been a while, I travelled back home for a short but sweet trip for one week.

Going back home seemed to do wonders for my metabolism. I was eating a high carb diet (typical of Asia; rice, noodles, etc.) From deadlifting, squatting and benching every day of the week before I travelled seemed to work well for me. Whilst being back home I managed to stick in some fasted cardio, kettle bell swings, and dips, pulls up, and other body weight exercises, which was good. I’ve been back in the UK an entire day now and am just finishing up a day of Pulse- Fasting. The plan is to continue doing this twice a week, and as of tomorrow I am going to start doing West Side (Louie Simmons).

Sadly since I’m finishing up university, I will only be able to do this for a few weeks before I set off on family holidays, but we’ll see how I go.

@Cal - yeah I’ve been to Pit and Pendulum, great place. A lot of our student nights end up there. It’s funny, this year I haven’t been drinking much, so when I have been there I’m usually pumped from the caffeine from HOT-ROX haha.

Weights tomorrow! Cannot wait! Will be my Dynamic Effort bench day. Going to do a little bit of fasted cardio tomorrow (just walking) and planning on Carb cycling, though tomorrow will probably just be a medium-carb day (oats and berries for breakfast and some chocolate protein whoo!)

Will post how my workout goes tomorrow!


I just saw you over here! Nice to have you. Your numbers are already looking good. I like your chest circuit plan. And YES! to before and after pics.


Wow so yesterday was intense. Sore today! Great getting back into the gym though after the past week of holiday! Went at a different time than normal, so got a couple of boys giving me funny looks as I made my way over to the bench…makes me smile when I can surprise boys!

Dynamic Effort Bench day:
Bench: 9x3 - 42.5kg

Close grip bench: ramp up to 6rm - 50kg (failed on sixth rep)

Overhead extensions: 2 x 15

Lat pull down: 4x8
Straight arm pull down: 4 x 15

Military Press: 3 x 10 - 25kg

Hammer curls: 3 x 10 - 9kg

Upper body is SORE today! :slight_smile: