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Beast Evolves or Mutation Series


I am weighing in at 5'10 215 with a bf of about 14% (getting it measured for starting purposes on sunday). I am looking to cut down for summer and get in some awesome shape. I will be using some very OLD MAG-10 that has been sitting around open in my fridge for nearly three years and i am finally going to finish off. Anyway, I cant decide if i should follow the plan that CT layed out in his Beast Evolves Series, or his Mutation series. I have done the fat fast/velocity thing in the past and thing i could deal with it as part of the BEast evolves diet.

At the same time i like the fact the workouts in the Mutation series are more descriptive. Some of you that have followed them what do you think the pros and cons of each one are? I would liek to do it without spending a boatload on supplements. I have a half a bottle of MAG-10, half a bottle of HOT-ROX and Half a bottle of TRIBEX. and about 5 bottles of Metabolic drive.


I will also be playing hockey 1-2 times a week (hour long at the most), and doing at least 2 longish runs a week (training recreationally for a half marathon in May, so one 5 mile run and one hour plus run a week building up to 10-12 miles, which i know may complicate things)

Thanks ahead of time for your input




I'd say either would be fine, but using the velocity diet would probably be bad news if you're doing the program along with 4 extra hour training sessions per week. Look into John Berardi's don't diet eating plan. that's good stuff and will take into account the extra calories you'll need from the extra workouts.


If you like Berardi's work, then read his "Winning Formula" article. You might find it here in the archives (do a search), but here's a link from his web site. If you want to lose fat, this too will work. It's not as agressive as the V-Diet, but it does produce results.




THanks man, I will look into htat for the second part of the series. I think i am going to stick with the fat fast/velocity diet for two weeks. My only concern was that CT uses OVT along with the Fat Fast and that seems like a lot of microtrauma/tons of volume for a program while cutting even if it is with heavy weights....has anyone else followed CT's program (someone who wasnt a world class olympic lifter with time to spare like CT) and had great results? I guess a little hard work never hurt but I am worried about burnout with something has hardcore as OVT matched with the Velocity Diet


I always thought the "Mutation" was the revamped, updated version of the "Beast Evolves" - CT said that he wishes he could have done some things differently at the end of "Beast Evolves" (if I'm not mistaken) and addressed some of those tweaks in the Mutation series.

CT, correct me if I'm wrong!


P.S. I wouldn't do the V-diet on CT's program. Use his Carb Codex or one of Berardi's diets. You're gonna need some carbs for fuel on this program.


CT told me that OVT would be too much volume for hypocaloric training and therefore would be too taxing. One would have to lower the volume in order for it to work. He suggested his extented 5s training training over OVT. I like 5x5 training the best sticking with 4 to 5 basic movements 3 times a week personally.


On a low (NOT no) carb diet he said you should alter OVT to look like this:

Sets 1-3: No supersetting (drop 2nd exercise) perform only the 1st exercise in the grouping and try to go heavy i.e. 3-5 reps

Sets 4-5: do like the regular OVT


I'm on the 3rd week of the mutation series and so far so good. actually up 3lbs on the scale(could be water retention from the creatine), but my waist/abdomen measurements are down and I look/feel leaner.

can't wait for phase II which I start on sunday...

i do jiu-jitsu 5 times a wk...so i don't really follow the cardio bc jiu-jitsu is quite a cardio workout in itself.


I just started phase I today. I was wondering what the rate of progression should be on this from week to week. I'm assuming you just try to up the weight a tad each week and hit the desired set rep range, correct?


i'm on day three of the v diet, i am going to follow that up with part two of the beast evolves with the OVT as described in the article ( i believe its less total sets than the final on. After that it will be 6 weeks and I will go from there based on my measurements.


speedy - well my progression every week jumped up quite a bit, its due to the creatine and increased calories im sure.

i had never front squatted before and in week one to week three it jumped up 30lbs...

every lift i got stronger

i look leaner too....can't wait for phase II to start on sunday.

btw i haven't cheated on the diet yet either and don't really have the urge to cheat at all....im trying to hold out on cheating till May 5th, so i can party a lil...lol