Beast Buliding Part 3

Im starting the final phase of Beast Building. It says cardio can be done but not at the expense of the hypertrophy goals.
The current split looks like this:
Mon- Chest/back
Wed- off
Sun- off

My ideas were fat loss body circuits on the off day repeated 5-6 rounds or HIIT cardio on an off day (ex. 30 sec sprint/1 min rest for 15-20 min). Any suggestions to help me incorporating cardio would be a great help.


Why do you want to add cardio?

[quote]mch60360 wrote:
Why do you want to add cardio?[/quote]

I want to be able to keep my body fat level either low or maintain where it currently is at (8%). So throuwing in one day of cardio should help with that, just didnt want to tax the CNS completely. I was thinking this may work.

Mon- Chest/Back
Tues- Legs
Wed- Off
Friday-Lactate induced circuits + Steady state cardio (incline walking)
Sat- Shoulders

Any ideas?


I don’t think I’d go so far as to do lactate inducing workouts. Maybe lighter circuits just to burn calories, but I think you’d impede recovery with lactate workouts. But 20-30 mins of incline walking wouldn’t hurt.

I jump alot of rope. Maybe a 1000 skips per training session. So you could give 100 skip sets spread out between sets or exercises a try. Doesn’t seem to hurt my recovery.