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Beast Building!


Hi Coach

I recently asked you about a good mass building programme and you have posted this awesome article today !!!

Is the link for anyone wanting a read

Can’t wait to try this!
coach explains all the different phases and techniques very well. Great info I am right in thinking west side barbell training which I have used in the past and was one of the best programmes I did uses some of the same programming ??


Hey Coach,

Great new article. I am really looking forward to starting this program next monday. I had a few questions about the article, specifically regarding Session 2 and 4. In session two, should the Isometric holds be done using the bar?

My second question is about what percentage of weight should we use in the overload phase for partial bench, deadlift, etc? Since it is an overload session, I imagine the percentage should be somewhere around 95-110%?

Finally, is this program built to be continually repeated? Say after the three months, can we go back to phase one of the program and start again with new percentages?

Thank you for your reply!


Started today … Did the motor skill and acquisition with …

incline bench
Barbell row

As many Sets of 3 in 20 mins at 80% of max

Is this right coach ?

Also the iso and explosive complex has me a little confused what weight percentage do we use ?

For overload -Am I right in thinking we do our partial first at 3-5 reps take 90-120 rest then do one 5-10 sec slow eccentric? And that’s one complex doing 4-5 sets of these … And finishing with 100-200 reps on single suited exercise for each push , lower and upper .

Sorry to pick your brain just eager to get it right .


How many sets do we do for the isometric/explosive complex and for the overload complex?