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Beast Building


Hi Coach,

As a former fat boy (albeit, a still chubby one @ 14%, down from 336 to 200 in one year), at the end of this last weight loss cycle, planned to end mid-September, I want to gain some mass. The techniques and results described in Beast Building seem great, as it the 'thick' look that i'm after, but as a FFB, i'm scared to hell about rebounding too hard on the fat gaining part. I plan on starting around 8-10%

I was wondering if it would be appropriate to add in a one week fat loss phase after each BB phase, so 4 week Phase 1---1 week FL---4 week Phase 2----1 week FL----4 week phase 3----Diet of the fat.

I remember from an article Shugart wrote, about quality mass cycles him talking on building mass for a short time, then having a brief fat trim, rinse and repeat. Would you say that 12 weeks is a decent enough timeframe, where excess fat gain wont be a problem that cant be sorted in a few weeks?

I plan on carb cycling through the plan, PRO @ current levels (about 1.5gXBW) and fats as needed. Two high days, two medium and 3 low carb. Would that work on the plan?