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Beast Building Results

Hello everyone!

Let’s give some feedback for CT! It would be nice to see what results everyone got from this program. I usually don’t use premade programs like this in my training but I liked the setup of this with all the isometric training that I hadn’t used before.

Phase 1 was very fun training overall. The Iso/Exp. and overload days were a bit time consuming, but I bet my left nut that alot of the strength gains were made these days.

Phase 2 was also really fun to do. The setup on the neuromuscular days is something I’m going to use frequently when going for strength gains in the future.

Phase 3 was a bit closer to what I use to do when I’m going for more size. Nice change of pace after the phase1&2 beating.

After this I took 5 days off, and the following week I just did 3 low volume wholebody sessions. Then it was time to set some new PR’s.

Flat bench: 135kg -> 137.5 kg went up a bit more later
Push press: 3RM up about 5 kg
Chinup&pullup: Bw+50kg -> Bw+60kg easy =)
Sumo dl: 190kg -> 215kg going for 225 soon
Conv dl: 190kg -> 200kg
Front squat: 110x3 -> 115x3

I’m really pleased with my progress on this program. My bench is finally moving up after a long time, and I have found a really comfortable sumo stance for deadlift. My bodyweight went up about 2kg or so. I will probably run this program again next spring some time. My focus for now is to get my sumo dl to 250 and put some more beef on my legs.

Allright guys let’s hear it.

how did ur body composition change?

[quote]dyskee wrote:
how did ur body composition change?[/quote]

Well I was really focusing on pure strength gains with this program but I added a decent amount of muscle overall, mostly in my back. I didn’t put on any fat but i’m always pretty lean anyway and have no problem with that.

Am i really the only one who did this?

I was gonna do the whole program, but time constraints allowed me to only do phase 1. I liked what I did though, and I’ll be starting over and finishing it up after football.