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Beast Building + Plus ISO Work. Test Results 2A/2b

Hi Ct image

Two related questions CT

  1. My test shows me as a 2B but my 2A score is also pretty damm high - how would this affect my training ?

  2. Would beast building (for main lift) and best damm workout sets for isolation work for me in a session ? - I remember I had incredible gains on train like an athlete look like a bodybuilder (and similar high frequency stuff) which makes me think I’m perhaps 2b with a touch of 2A.

In fact thinking about my best results have come from either - high intensity low volume work (like DC, fortitude training ) OR lots of sets of low reps never to failure (HFST, TLALLB) never ‘standard’ bodybuilding training.

Thanks for all the Help

I would train like a 2B when you are under stress and like a 2A when you are in a lower stress period. This is a lot like me