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Beasite Boys MCA Dead?


Always had a soft spot for the beasties



dammit, sad day


Rakim was once quoted as saying he could've got 20 albums worth of beats off of Pauls Boutique alone. Their timing, instrumental arrangement, musical ability and showmanship were off the charts. They're one of the few bands that have remained culturally relevant throughout the years, and it's with talent, not gimmicks. Not sure people understand just how truly ahead of their time the Beastie Boys are. This is a sad day for music. RIP.



The Beastie Boys were not "a band that I used to listen to". They always had a relevant album, and all of their back catalogue never got old.

I remember stealing my first grade teacher's tape player with my buddy to listen to his brother's License to Ill tape at recess.

Genuinely bummed about this.


Check Ya Head and License to Ill were on constant rotation in my hand me down hoopdy in high school .. then I discovered Paul's Boutique and it was all over



I heard about this on the way home, it sure does suck. I always liked them. Paul's Boutique is almost always in my music rotation. I think I will go through all their albums while grading papers this weekend in memory of the man. RIP MCA


Super sad!


That sucks.

Beastie Boys were the best live act I've ever seen


All the guys I listened to as a kid are passing on.



Dang. No one rocked the mic like the Beastie Boys.


I had literally every studio album they've done on my ipod. As much as I like some of their more popular stuff, their instrumentals are what always hit me the hardest. It's not often that something that's not in my immediate surroundings effects me, but I'm legitimately bummed today. Gonna jam Ricky's Theme with the windows down on the way home from work.


Man this is a bummer.

He made a helluva inpact for the time he was here though. RIP MCA

His turn on the mic was always badass, no matter the track. He brought it direct. RIP.


I'm watching their video anthology on DVD right now.

If you guys haven't checked it out yet, MCA's short film runs on Palladium pretty often and its fucking great: