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Beards - Getting Spots


i thought since most of us powerlifters for some reason think it is very cool for a man to have a beard(all non-powerlifters dont agree but we dont give a ****)....i always try to grow a beard but every time the hairs get to a certain length i start getting spots. they usually disappear a few hours after i shave. any one suffer from this problem?? and or know how to solve it...coz i want to get my J.pegg/Wendler look on...ive heard of razor burn but that is usually after shaving not before :S 10x




fuck yeah, ive thought the same thing. I think you really have to get past that uncomfortable mid-point and it gets better. but i usually get too uncomfortable and feel gross so i have to shave. good luck


Sounds like you are talking about irritation from the hairs rubbing? yeah, once it gets longer that stops.


U sound like a pussy, man up if you want a beard. I had my winter beard on from thanksgiving till this morning. itches like a bitch at first, then it gets good.


If you are worried about a few spots you do not deserve a beard.


wow....so now anyone who doesnt want to have spots on his face doesnt deserve a beard? i just love keyboard courage!!!


Once you have a beard long enough you won't be able to see the spots anyways... Just grow it out and you'll get used to it and it will just feel normal.


I thought this thread was going to be about:

1 - Should I ask a guy with a beard for a spot?

2 - If you have a beard, do people often as you for a spot?


I like my beard because sometimes I get food stuck in it and it's like a snack when I find it later and I'm always stoked. Other times I get cocaine stuck in it and when I find that later it's party time all over again


Um well yes. Isn't that what I just said?

By the way, in response to your next thread, based on your photo I would say you need to cut first.




ok GCF...u are right...im a pussy,i shouldnt have a beard and i should start cutting firts...should i include bosu ball squats and tricep kick backs? wow u must feel great about winning an argument via web


When did I call you a pussy? Why are you getting so worked up about a silly innocuous comment from someone you don't know?

To settle this matter I recommend you go and wash your face with a warm damp cloth to remove your stubble and moisutrize with that nice stuff that Natalie Portman advertises, she has lovely skin.

Good luck.


10x mate


one of the funniest things i've ever read! LULZ!!!