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Bearded Meat !?!?!






Shit he looks like my dad :S


Dan holding my, I mean A piece of meat, usually that only happens in my dreams.



When's the wedding?

Can I come?

Will it be in the States or Ireland or are you two just going to wait for the next Test-Fest?

  • Mark


LOL Nicely done.


Somehow I suspect the phrase "eat me" is involved in this...


So what does this mean? Is Dan really gay or straight? Does the "Beard" have some kind of hidden sexual-orientation meaning? And are those round things hamburger patties or cookies?!!??!! I'm so confused!!!!!!!!


Wait....and who is that in Dan's avatar, Dan or someone else? Argh...


This was obviously at your last therapist appointment.


That makes two of us!


Three of us!


Dan you are such a poof...what is that...about a kilo of meet....you suck.


Ya know, I've got some bearded meat.
Course, I do have to trim it back for the wife....

The shit-eating grin in the pick is great.....you should post another with hot dogs....er.wait...nevermind that.

Are those JTM's? Kinda look like oatmeal cream pies!


From what I understand, they each used each other's faces for avatars, but now I'm starting to think they may have been using their own faces, and just switched user names and are trying to make everyone believe that they are actually who their names say they are, making fun of each other's faces; when in fact they are really using their own faces but are using each other's previous log-in names...all just to confuse other T-Nation members.

So that would mean the last post made by Will, making fun of Dan, was in fact, made by Dan to make people believe that Will was the one making fun of Dan.

And that would then mean that this post is being made by Will to make people think that Dan is making it about himself, when in fact, Will is making fun of Dan.

Or maybe not.



Clearly some people have a little too much time on their hands. :smiley:

While you guys take pics of your meat, I've been cleaning my house and packing for our move.

Although the meat pics looks like a lot more fun. :stuck_out_tongue:


You just blew my damn mind.


Yeah. I'm not sure I can figure that out.




Meat packers