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Beard Power


Just a question...but do women find beards more attractive lately?

I am growing mine out but wanted to hear opinions.


My wife loves mine. It's also a known fact that It adds 50 pounds to your lifts.

Really, though it all just depends on the woman. Some do, some don't.


You going to grow it this big?


My wife likes mine. It adds to my small chin.



If it looks cool, maybe. I have fairly straight hair so I could pull that off but I doubt I could get my motorcycle helmet over it.


^ I hadnt thought about that? I have a goatee and I have let it grow out on occasion, it does pull with the strap. I have permanent hillbilly redneck genes so I grow the Joe Dirt beard. Almost 40 and can't grow a full beard. Fucking telephone pole family tree.



Just keep it well maintained and it will be fine.


You will look like a jacked version of rick ross.

play aston martin music and bitches will come flying.


My girlfriend likes mine. Even though i'm only 40, i've got a decent amount of gray in it but i've gotten compliments. Women say it looks "distinguished".
Grow yours until you look like Kimbo Slice.


Psycho flesh coloured beard

Chicks dig it...


Believe me, I feel your pain...


Don't cry. I didn't get chest hair until I was out of college.


You have a Sean Connery?


You can wear a shirt, I cant hide my Joe Dirt. The wife doesnt like the beard look anyway but damnit I want one.


I forgot picture for effect and I shit you not this is the way it grows, when I am on vacation I let it grow out.


Well, not that much gray. But it is fabulous.


I'm pretty sure mine started growing around 12-13. Yes, as in 7th grade.

For the past few years I've been keeping it trim and cleaning out below my jaw line and the upper half of my cheeks (so, the beard "flows" into my goatee). After hearing for years from girls that they like "clean shaven," I crack up because I'm usually the only one in the group who has a beard or who can even fucking grow one, and I get more attention for it (at least, I think so). Some guys have patches so, even if it's kept trim, their faces look "dirty" because the hair isn't consistent.

My girl likes it. I don't look good without it.


Is that your "Whattaburger was closed today" pout?


I'm still slowly getting chest hair, and my beard is slightly patchy and still filling in at 27.


How does somebody from Cali know about Whataburger?