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Bear Hug Carries...with a Trashcan?

I want to incorporate bear hug carries into my program. Are the big 32 gal trashcans (i.e. Rubbermaid Roughneck or any other heavy duty one) sturdy enough to load up with some sand or water and carry? Am I better off investing in a keg to carry? Any other ideas? Thanks!

You can toss and clean a keg and run no chance of ending up wet.

For the price you can pick one up… buy a keg.

Absolutely 100%. A keg is invaluable in strongman. Get that, or at the very least a sandbag.

Thanks! Whats a decent price to pick up a keg for?

Brand new, you can buy them for about $120.

You don’t want to get a brand new keg though. Your going to be throwing it around, dropping it, not to mention taking it apart to fill it with rocks because a water keg wont get much heavier than 200lbs.

It’s definitely going to suffer from abuse for sure, but that’s the only way I know to actually legally own a keg. You can acquire them off of craigslist and such, but there is no bill of sale and they technically still belong to the brewery when you do that.

legal, schmegal. They have laws for that too?

Yup. Unless there was a bill of sale, the brewery still owns the keg. When you “buy” a keg of beer, what you’re buying is the beer, and the brewery is leasing you the keg. You pay a security deposit on it, and if you fail to return the keg, they keep your deposit, but considering the deposit is only like $30 and new kegs cost $120, they lose out pretty good on the deal.

Paying the security deposit doesn’t mean that you purchased the keg though; you just paid a penalty for not returning the keg. It’s the same thing like checking out a book at the library, never returning it, then paying the fee (which I realize, in modern times, few people understand that analogy). The library still owns the book, as they were the ones that purchased it.

In theory, if the brewery ever found your keg, they could legally repossess it. They never will, but at the same time, kegs are getting harder and harder to find because people are keeping them and breweries are more hesitant to replace them.

The question of legality would also depend on where you live. I live in Germany and I got a keg from my local pub. The owner actually called the brewery and asked if I could have it. The brewery said they are fine with that if I only plan on keeping it for my personal use. They asked that I do not use it in public competitions or something like that. The keg cost me 40 € which is 45$.

Not sure if this is relevant since most people here are from the US but this was my experience with buying a keg.

Ah yeah, that’s a good point. Additionally, sometimes a brewery will sell you a damaged keg that they can no longer use. It’s a great way to get one cheap, and since you’re going to beat it up, it doesn’t matter if it’s a little wonky.

If you know a bar owner, or know someone who is freinds with one you might get one for price of deposit. Especially if you tell its for strongman most people think it’s cool have fun getting the top off awesome grip work out, go to hardware store get a oil funnel cut bottom part to fit in hole, get 150 pounds of white sand as takes half the time to get in keg, top it with water put a rag in the top spout, then duct tape the shit out of it. It’ll weigh around 200 lbs, go to ironmind they sell canvas bags for sand bag lifting.

The Ironmind bags aren’t worth the money. Go to an army surplus store and get a heavy duty bag for $30

He was talking about the contractor bags that ironmind sells, rather than the Ironmind sandbag itself.

I’ll agree though that I wasn’t impressed with the Ironmind bag. I’ve loved everything else they’ve made, but the bag was a bust.