Bear Grips Shin Sleeves

I see a lot of talk on knee sleeves, but not much on shin sleeves. I picked up these Bear Grips shin sleeves last week, and they’re highly recommended. Fantastic for deadlifts, olympic lifts, and rope climbs. No more scabbed up and banged up shins.

I also picked up their hand grips, which are also highly recommended. Minimalist, thin, but still highly effective.


Great suggestion! I made that choice a few years ago too when I was doing @Dan_John_VDiet’s Half-Hour Deadlift Challenge. Sure, your workout is supposed to hurt a little, but banging your tibias is distracting. That type of pain doesn’t make you stronger; it just gives you a staph infection. I picked up RockTape’s Rock Guards.


If you didn’t get staph was it even a workout?


Fair point. :rofl:

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