Bear Blocks for Push-Ups

Bear Blocks

Unlike standard push-up handles, Bear Blocks have a wide, flat hand surface that’s angled just right for maximum comfort. No more wrist strain or impingement.

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Just picked these up! I really like them. I am replacing a ~15 year old pair of “perfect push ups” handles that have seen better days. I like the form factor of these, and they feel nice and solid.

Some advantages of blocks or push up handles not mentioned above (at least for the things I do):

  • They’re great for doing weight vest push ups. The allow the weight vest to dip between them to the ground, allowing a full range of motion.
  • They’re great for yoga, like downward dog. They not only relieve pressure on the wrists, but allow us not-exaclty-professional-yogi’s to get into a better position to get the full benefit of the pose. There are other poses it helps for, as well, but this is the most well known of them.
  • They’re great for hand stand push ups (I do wall-supported ones). They are not only more comfortable on the wrist, but allow for a deeper push up.

They’re a bit pricey, but seem well-made. I never mind spending the $$ if it’s something I’ll use a lot and they last for years.

Awesome, thanks for the review!