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Since beans are an excellent source of complex carbs I was wondering if anyone had any recipes for making them?  I can't find a thing and the only other "option" is the canned variety which is full of fructose, etc, etc.

I soak them overnight and boil them until they’re tender (or tender enough for me). I eat them w/ chicken breast, etc. (I tend to season w/ salsa or just pepper)

If you’re in a hurry you can use a handful as suppositories.

(Just kidding people!)

Get Bush’s beans, which come in many a variety. They have no sugars added, and you can simply drain and rinse them in a strainer to get rid of all the wonderful sodium.

hey perhaps you could find some ideas for how to cook your beans over here:

the recipes in there aren’t exactly “perfect” tman or tvixen stuff but gives some good recipes that we could adapt to our needs using our superior knowledge in nutrition lol…

sorry just got that “eating lots of protein will wreck your kidney” crap from a friend after church…i’m still amused 24 hours later…another friend started to sing a kids’ song about the USDA Food Pyramid after my first friend mention protein-induced kidney damage…it was a bizzarre scene…

I’ll second Timbo’s suggestion. Beans are a nuisance to cook. It’s much easier to buy in a can and strain. The only ingredients should be beans and salt. Quite tasty.