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Beano for Your Ass Gas?

Has anyone tried taking BEANO to curb your anal vapors? I rip ass constantly, I thoroughly enjoy ripping ass don’t get me wrong, but my girlfriend is getting sort of sick of smelling my butt, ya know what I mean?

Works very well. But I’ve noticed the amount they say is not enought. Before I eat certain foods I take 3-4 tabs. The liquid one is also fine to take.

My dad takes Beano and it works like a charm.
Also, one a side note, my buddy found this little bottle of stuff that had chinese writing on it…anyway, what you do is you drop maybe two drops of it into the water before you poo, and wallah!, no smell…Really works but I don’t know where to get it.

beano works very well for myself, i’ll eat a typical can of red kidney beans which is about 55 grams of carbs in one sitting and i take 3 caps as well as 2 regular multi enzyme caps that i take with every meal. laters pk

it doesnt work at all on my moms ham and bean soup.

i was just thinking that i don’t fart anymore. about half a year ago i went through a couple bottles of probiotic bacteria. this cycle caused alot of freaky stuff to come out of my butt and i had to get really frickn careful about fartin’ you know ?

since then i’ve been eating alot of naturally fermented food. i eat meat everyday, mostly venison or beef, sometimes lamb and always have some kind of naturally fermented cabbage like kimchi or sauerkraut with it. i eat alot of jerky too…

…anyway i hardly ever fart anymore and if i do there’s practically no stink. ever. i had a friend who started eatin yogurt but said it made him fart all the time but he kept eating it and now it doesn’t .

truth is i really miss letting it rip. especially pulling the covers over my girl’s head just to remind her who’s bed it is.

ortiz just jacked his second hr of the game! sox 4 tribe 0 in the 5th. arroyo looks good.