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Bean-Sized Lump. Gyno?

2 years into juicing and so much freaking out over the course plus nightmares here and there, it has happened. A bean sized lump appeared under my left nipple, first I felt it exactly 2 weeks ago. There were no warning signs: no puffy nipples, no pain, nothing.

I’ve been taking 20mg Nolvadex daily for the past two weeks - the lump has stayed the same size as far as I can tell. I also started taking arimidex again 0.5mg eod(I’m on test tren mast). I wonder if Nolvadex is making me feel like shit past couple of days(lethargic, no appetite, acid reflux, dry cough).

Or is it because my body is fighting an infection or whatever this is - both my glutes are inflated from last few injections. I can barely walk or sit for that matter, driving is painful. I haven’t had such issues for over a year now…

Thanks :slight_smile: