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Beachin' 1st Log


Ok So i am starting Anti-bodybuilding hypertropy 1 tomorrow. yea for me. so i will get all the stats and stuff out of the way .

My stats:

bodyfat: 15% to 18% guessing
My eating habits will be pretty much the same will chicken, tuna, oatmeal, veggies and whey protein and gallon of water each day . i will do a detail later.

My routine will be ABBH 1 . and will do as it says to the T.

Experience . been weightlifting about a year or so . I started at 180 pounds biggest and now dropped 165 . but eventually i would like to see my abs. --not since HS.

Supps: i will be taking creatine and whey protein. if anyone recommends anything else chime in. also do those other ones i read about really work..like alri ?

Cardio. i will bike-cause i do - 3 times a week for at least 30 min

Ok gang pics coming when i am not at work ---yes i pay for internet at home too...and will upload some pics.

Now before i get flamed for adding pics i will say SHOE IS NOT INCLUDED....and oh yea flame me if want i dont care but if going to flame leave advise at least and give me rep for putting who i am now. so that way later u can look and be like dayum kid lol (btw 32 years old.)

and all u wise men out there feel free to leave any comments .

I dedicate this to my friend MSM on here. she inspired me to do this anyways thanks and leaders make there own path. this is my first step

max's on big 3 :

Bench: 110
squat : 150
Deadlift : 90

Not huge but a step


the pics ...as discussed ...back full




some more front






i know i know not the greatest but heck at least i am out and open about it . before anyone flames...i am a learner not a know it all .

so all helps appreciated and if know any supps to enhance or help my journey or recommendations feel free to comment ...just be grown up all i ask


Hey, found you! I apologize but I've been getting ready to leave for Ohio on Thursday morning.

You asked me about rows; yes, they are bent-over barbell rows. A link as to how they are done: http://asp.elitefts.com/qa/default.asp?qid=14244&tid=102 Also, a direct link to an exercise index if you need any further direction regarding how a lift is executed: http://asp.elitefts.com/qa/default.asp?qid=66671&tid=51 Just use the menu down the left hand side of the screen.

The nutrition side of it is very individualized, however, if you would like me to send you some information, I'd be happy to email it to you. For now, try to get as much variety as you can...don't get stuck in the chicken and tuna rut; it gets pretty tired after a while.

Creatine and whey are a good place to start. No need to get all fancy just yet. Make sure you're drinking enough water so you don't just bloat up.

Oh, one question for you. On your max lifts, are you including the weight of the bar or no? There is nothing wrong with your lifts or your physique. We all start somewhere so no shame or apologies from you will be getting a lecture, MsM style;)

Have you started your first day yet?

Best of luck to you and of course I'll be following along:)



Day 1

Flat BB bench presses

10x3= 80 pounds (bar included)

BB rows

10x3= 50 pounds (bar included)

was easy...day . kinda been a min since gym. but hey back into it so going forward all weights will be included with the poundage.

diet is actually mainly tuna and chicken and oatmeal and whey protein will do meal plan tonight .

This is so wierd doing the work out it was less than 30 mins. so guess will see tomorrow how it works out . Now as far as i am understanding i should eat alot right? and is there a formula out there that i should go by ..? anyways day 1 down. I will be riding my cycle for at least 30 min when not working out just cause i like it and keeps fat at bay . all comments appreciated thanks



Love ohio . in a year i might leave the best job i got in ky and take a 3 dollar pay cut to go back and live in columbus ohio. thanks for the link to find the exercises and ur so encouraging btw i apprecaite it . I seen some guys on here that totally flame when pics go up first thus why i was like this is me speech lol .

Nutrition side yes please send . u got my yahoo. also all max lifts are including the bar. BTW the squats was my personal best so i am proud lol . i work in the am so usually work outs will be done in PM ..probably even late times at 9pm or so ..anyhow have fun in ohio and thanks for leavin comment .

Tomorrow i will do measurements in am so i have a starting place. and pics possibly once a month so i can see results. thanks



also is there a specific creatine i should use. so many out there. etheryl creatine ..mono etc etc...open to suggestions


Personally I think all that fancy creatine is a waste. You can pick up 500g of creatine mono from the Biotest store and there is free shipping.



thanks man will look into that next pay day fa sure...i got some to last me till next pay day but will do . any other thing u can recommend


thanks man will look into that next pay day fa sure...i got some to last me till next pay day but will do . any other thing u can recommend


Always willing to help, as for more recomendations...

1.Where are the veggies???

2.Make sure everytime you lift you try to push yourself to improve. Try to always add weight and or reps just dont let your form get out of hand.

3.Stay motivated!!! You've already got a head start by starting up this log. When I started my log it was the first step to a new me. LINK: http://www.T-Nation.com/tmagnum/readTopic.do?id=1965792&pageNo=0

If I ever dont feel like lifting I usualy just browse through the training log section and tell myself that all these people are doing it, I can to.
Best of luck to you and if you have any questions just send me a pm or post on my log and ill get back.



thanks Jdark. and i am working on my diet now as we speak. and how long u been lifting ?


I've been lifting on and off for a few years but ever since february of this year I have been lifting like clockwork and have been living the BB lifestyle. If you stay focused, give 100% in the gym and at least 90% on the diet take pictures in 2 or 3 months and the improvement you will see will keep you going to better yourself.



thanks man appreciate and check back often? how much cardio do u do ? causei got more fat to lose so didnt know how much i should be doing


Right now im trying to get to 200lb+ so im personally not doing much of any cardio. If you're trying to cut some fat, HIIT is pretty damn effective. If you just start lifting on a regular basis you should see improvements in your body comp though.



all on empty stomach am

Left thigh 22 inches
navel 36.5 inches
right bi 13.5 inches
left calf 14 inches
chest(relax) 38/39 inches


tomorrow start day 3 ...fun times. also will be adding at least two cardio days ina week to keep fat at bay . new diet posting soon ..sorry in last 3 days have worked 33 hours so playing catch up