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Beach Workout


Didn't really know where to put this. Well I got three more days at the beach and wanted to work out two of those. Anything you guys would reccomend for lifting? Cause I have been running, but I'm trying to gain weight. Just didnt wanna put some good days to waste. I don't have anything much thats heavy and not really aywhere to do pullups.


Cut out the running, lay on the beach and soak up the vitamin D from the sun. When you get back, start lifting hard again.


Pushups. Do 1000. Elevate your feet at some point. Great thread btw.




Was there sarcasm in that mr?

Btw I am actually going to take your advice. I'm going to do 500 pushups. 1000 is a little much. Ill let you know how long it takes tomorrow.


Ask random girls if you can bench press them. When they ultimately say no, call them skanks and walk away flexing.


Of course its sarcastic. You have zero equipment and no place to do pullups. What else could you do besides pushups and situps?


I recommend single leg one arm resisted squats on an inlcine. Here's what you do: build a little ramp in the sand preferably with a big hole in front of it point the toes of the leg to be worked toward the hole. Now stand on one leg and get one of your buddies or a passerby to apply resistance to your hand as you extend it back between you legs. Now squat as low as you can and then tell your buddy/passerby to pull your arm up as high as they can while you try to stand back up.


Run suicides on dry sand between pushups.


Beach Complex

50 yard sprints in the soft sand
50 pushups
25 Leg raises
10 walk out from the hands

Cycle that 5-7 times


Strong Man up in hurrrrr!!

Find a very large, flat(ish) stone, like at least 200 pounds, carry it around for 50-100 yards at a time.

Take smaller stones, like 20-30 pounds and trow them around.

Find really heavy stones and try to lift em off the ground to your hip.


Such a dry sense of humor, always cheers me up BONEZ. Ahah.


Stare at bitches