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Beach Boys: Stop Whining!


Haven't posted much here, but I wanted to bitch about something, so here goes.

I'm no expert, and definantly don't claim to be MR Olympia
I'm currently 6'1, weigh 210 lbs.
probably around 10 or 11% bf.

Here's the thing, I go to the gym, warm up with 225 on the bench, and usually finish with 265. Thats where I'm at right now.
Three months ago I was benching 165.
hell three months ago I weighed 170 lbs.

Often times a skinny surfer dude will walk up and ask: how do I raise my bench? or How do I get thicker arms?
I have no problem helping a bro out.
Before I got focused about gaining weight/putting on mass I looked like a starving AIDS victim.

So I'll share a few things with these guys that helped me out... eat, eat and eat
and challenge yourself to do a little more every time you hit the weights etc..
What annoys the crap out of me is when these guys that can't even do a pull up yet respond with complaints about 'getting flabby' or "I wanna keep my six pack".

I know there are alot of people on this forum that are nuts about body fat etc.
and I am a little partial to strength training vs. sculpting myself.

Maybe I'm the only one that hears this kind of 'beach body' BS.
There's a time and place for cutting.
If your goal is to look like these 'bad boys'
on MTV, by all means...
go home, take out your Gazelle or Bowflex, chug a Slimfast...
do whatever you need to to keep your abs, watch your waist, whatever...

but if your serious about adding a shelf to
that bird chest, or a few inches to your pshooters...

Get serious, lift heavy, and for the love of God... EAT!



I know exactly what you're saying man. One year ago, I had no idea how to train, I couldn't bench 130, I weighed 150 lbs. and I was seriously out of shape. So, I lost all my weight, got skinny, hated that, so I decided to go for strength training instead. Now, I'm a solid 183, and around 12-14% body fat, and that's still more than I want, but I want to get freakin' hyoooge and strong as hell before I worry too much about the small fat pack slowly appearing at the bottom of my stomach. And yea, I have a lot of guys ask me the same kinds of questions and when I give them the advice they ask for, they get pissed and refuse to do it because of that same reason.. they want to keep their six pack. Gets on my nerves too, it's kinda pointless.



So basically you wanted to reiterate what everyone else in the whole world has said repeatedly on these forums?

Oh yeah, btw, most people can't gain 40 lbs. in 3 months without significant body fat gain. Consider yourself blessed and lucky, and be thankful that you have the advantage over these people. Guess what? Some people can't gain even 10 lbs. of muscle while still maintaining abs. Apparently you've gained like 30.
Assuming you were 6% BF to start with(probably unreasonably low):
170x.06 =10.2 lbs. fat. 210x.1=21 lbs fat.

You managed to gain muscle on a 3:1 muscle to fat ratio. Some people can't beat 1:1. Next time, consider that it may be slightly more difficult, and then after you consider that, don't post this, because Prof X does it anyways.


Where did you get the idea that I maintained abs in 40 lbs bra?
Do this, stop, breathe, and read slowly.

I have no abs, but I do have a gut.
My point? Fast muscle mass does sacrifice the abs and alot of definition. Do I care? No.

Uh, my intent wasn't to put anyone down.
So again, stop, breathe, read.

You can buy luck in vials and tablets.


You said you were "10-11% bodyfat". At 10-11%, you should have abs, not tits. Upon further reading of your old posts, you appear to have been 10% at 185. Thus, you have successfully managed a gain of at least 25 lbs. of muscle mass with only 3 lbs. of fat gain.

If this isn't true, then what's the purpose of your post?


I think most people have this misconception that ALL you need to do is go to the gym. I am built okay, definitely better than anyone at my work... and the only question i EVER get asked is "do you go to the gym?" I never get asked if/how i eat a lot. Most people don't understand that you will gain fat as well as muscle in the process, or you won't gain anything. So the fact that these people...hell, myself included, want to gain muscle without fat isn't unreasonable...its just ignorace. Tell them what you know.


Damn, I thought you were going to rant about Mike Love. Brian Wilson all the way.


you sound inteligent, you're just barking up the wrong tree with bodyfat.
I could give a piss either way about body fat. So, if it makes you happy to
think I'm 14 or 15% bf, go right ahead bro. Honestly, I have no idea what bodyfat I am, and I really don't want to know.

so for anyone else like LoneLobo,

I'm 6'1, 210 lbs, my max bench is 265.
And I have no clue what my body fat is.
My spotters guess around 10 or 11%
but like me, don't give a damn about cosmetic muscle.

peace out


If you go to the trouble to post it here, you must care. You must also realize it will be critiqued. Everything is, but especially when a guy calls himself 210lbs with 10% bf.
Especially when a guy claims to have put on 40 lbs in 3 mos. and maintain such a low bf. Don't crawl all over the messenger here. Your claims are a bit suspicious.
You would most definately be sporting some abs at that %.


Whats your diet looking like man?
What's on the bench rack?


point taken

I'm sure my bf is higher..
my intention wasn't to boast about my bf.

I'm not sure exactly how I gained that many lbs in 3 months either, because from the reaction- it is hard to do.
Alot of it is water weight...
I'm taking Dbol and Test Depot.


Everyone here knows that you should expect some fat gain if you want to put on muscle. If they are new and don't, they are quickly told. So, why the post?


So did you also tell your skinny surfer dude youre on a decent cycle of aas? that makes a huge difference in the wheight gain issue in three months. it sounds like you didnt have a whole lot of experience in lifting before turning to aas imo.


I started the cycle 3 weeks ago,
the majority of my weight gain was prior to the cycle, I'd say a fair 30 lbs.


I'm not trying to hijack your rant nor am I flaming you but am to understand that you just started eating to get big 3 months ago and your taking AAS? Is there something I missed here? I can't be the only one here who sees a problem with this...


Dude, I'm calling some bullshit on pretty much everything you've said here as you're constantly contradicting yourself. You said you were in Iraq. How the hell did you get a hold of Dbol and Test? More importantly, how are you taking this in a safe manner? Also, how are you eating big? Unless things have changed drastically since I left in '04, the chow halls are not providing you with 4-5000 calories on a daily basis. Top that off with the fact that is summer there, unless you're spending all day in some airconditioned building(should I call you general) how the fuck are you staying hydrated with all this weight gain?


Wait wait wait...

So you're talking about how guys need to shut up and eat to gain weight, that's all there is to it... AND YOU'RE ON AAS? WTF is your problem dude? Talk about underrepresenting where you're coming from. Clearly you're gaining mass, you're taking illegal androgens.


I can see why.

You have since rescinded the 10% to 11% body fat comment.

If you Bench 265lbs. for a couple of reps (that is my assumption) it seems you would be doing your first set with less than 225lbs. Anyone else think this is odd?

That means you gained 100lbs. on your Bench Press in 90 days. Um....nope :slight_smile:

You gained 40lbs of body weight in 90 days. Of course that is taking "Dbol and Test Depot". Since I am not, nor have I ever been a drug user I have no idea what is possible here. I will leave this up to those who are in the know to comment. Does sound odd to me however.

Also according to another poster you did all this while in Iraq...hmmm


Maybe your dfac just sucked.
Our Dfac here is one of the best in Iraq.
And, if you've been in Iraq, which I assume you have, there are crates of Danone and Hayat water everywhere.

Hydration is tough, but I'm not in bradleys or abrams so it's not that bad.


It would be riduclous to get on here
and boast about something that I didn't do. excuse me, that's retarded.

My free time is spent in the gym, usually twice a day I'm in there.
I eat 5 sometimes 6 times a day.
Recently I began a cycle of aas.

I did gain 40 lbs in roughly 3 months.
I did increase my bench to a max of 265.

Thats no bullshit.

Thanks for the critique,
I'll definantly be more acurate
in my refrences with bodybuilders that know their stuff.

I won't be posting on here again
so you guys can breathe easy

yes I'm in Iraq, and it would be
grossly pathetic for anyone to lie about serving their country and sacrificing their lives.

take care