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Be Thankful You Don't Live in ND!!


It's snowing like crazy here and 34 degrees!! It was in the 80's 2 days ago! I'm thinkin it's time to move!!


I could never handle that midwest weather, when I spent time in Iowa, I said hell no. Now I know what Iowa stands for, I Oughta Went Around.


It was about 27 degrees Celsius here a few days ago, then the same night it was -3 degrees C...

Be thankful you don't live in the Netherlands...


I know, it was 89 degrees yesterday, and at night it went down to 47.


Global Warming for the epic un-win.


It's been going down to between 2 and -5 C for the last few weeks in my neck of the woods. A minor annoyance, but I guess I've just gotten use to that type of thing up here.


Time to move to the bay area!


about 100 degrees today
no worries though the river is 20 minute drive from me for a nice refreshing time
thanks for your concern though