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Hi All-
What’s up with the current resurgence of posts that pose a question about diet, training, or drugs and then fail to give any useful details about the person requesting the info? Guys, you cant ask “how many calories do I need to get big?” without telling us how big you are, how fat you are, and how you train (among other things). Dont worry about making your posts a bit lengthier. Its better to do that (so we can help you) than ask an incomplete question that no one can answer except for making some dumb recommendation that even if you follow exactly, wont bring results.
Ill be glad to help where I can, but make sure you give us enough info to help you!

This is why I ignore 9 out of 10 questions
directed at me now - I used to get irritated
but now I don’t care.

I have repeatedly asked people to provide even cursory info, to not ask me where they can get drugs, basic stuff.

This morning, I politely told someone
who e-mailed me that I don’t really
answer questions individually anymore
and that I am not going to tell him
where he can get “Deca” (something he
knows very little about). This guy went off
on me and insinuated I am a jackhole
because I won’t help him.

I’m getting tired of the legions of people
who won’t even spend 5 minutes at
a web portal search engine before
e-mailing me. I am getting tired of the
people who post here and ask,
“I heard steroid X does Y” and then when
I tell them I don’t agree they tell me I am
clueless (sorry, I am not going to hold
your hand and validate what your gym
buddy said as gospel if I think it is wrong).

And I am really getting sick of people who are clueless and say crap like,

“I want to gain 10-15-20 pounds of
muscle using only Anavar because
all the other stuff is toxic and I could
never stick myself with a pin, and I want
to gain this in 6 weeks and oh yeah, I
can’t diet to save my ass and I have
been lifting for 2 months now”.

If you can’t take the time to do basic
research and to post enough info so I
can make an intelligent attempt to help
you…don’t expect an answer from me.

And if this makes me an asshole than so
be it.

I must correspond with upwards of 15
people each day helping them out for
free and I must spend 4-5 hours per
day doing this.

And yes, I PMS'ing out bad right now.

I need another hit of Euphoria (beta version).-


I understand what these guys are saying. Usually, I just remind myself that the person asking the question may be a new reader or a beginner. Plus, answering questions is part of my job, so I don’t mind.

I will say that TC and I (and all the other T-mag folks too) spend several hours a week answering questions that never appear on the site in the Reader Mail section. I did the Reader Mail section this week and now I’m about to answer my part of the “leftovers”, about 25 pages of e-mails in Word format. It will take me several hours. No biggie, part of my job. But the truth is about 70 to 80% of these the reader could have answered for himself in about 30 seconds with the search engine or the FAQ section. My response is usually “read our article about that topic in issue 102” or whatever.

There’s one in this coming Friday’s Reader Mail section where a guy says basically, “Design me a diet, tell me what to eat and how to train. I need this tomorrow. Thanks.” It’s like, where the hell do you start? Are you a 15 year old guy or a 40 year old woman? What are your goals? Sorry, the T-mag crystal ball is broken!!! (I don’t say that, of course, but sometimes I feel like it.) Usually, the questions are answered by saying, go read this or that article, go read the FAQ section first, then we’ll help you out etc…

My favorite, “What are the best supplements to take?” Hmmm, probably the ones we design, manufacture, and sell to support this here free magazine! You just have to learn to laugh.

OK, guys, you are all basically right. The subtle point is, I think, that we all like to think we are being replied to as individuals. That makes us all feel just thAt wee bit special. Like, “I spoke to John or Chris or Brock” and John or Chris or Brock actually took 15 minuits of their time to answer my specific post. That is important and that is why we use this facility. I regret that we are not always specific, partly I suppose due to laziness but partly in that we maybe don’t know what info we should give. Remember the proverb, “Don’t ask a question if you don’t know the answer, else how do you know that the answer is correct”.We all, I think, are very gratefull for the professional help and advice we get and are most gratefull. Just keep that wee bit of patience up your sleeves guys and keep up the good work.JR.

I think a lot of people are taking this website and forum for granted. I don’t blame Brock, Bill, or Chris for getting pissed off at the ignorance of some people. It’s like when I get a 15 year old kid that comes into my supplement shop and asks for Andro because his buddy used it and got huge. Then the kid refuses to listen to me about diet and tells me, “I eat a lot, like 3 eggs a day and a whole pizza for supper!” And, “I tried protein powder once but I couldn’t gag it down.” Asking questions is great but don’t be a lazy motherfucker and if you get an answer you don’t like,don’t ask any more questions! I would of killed for the info on this website back when I started training. I think I need some Euphoria as well Brock.

How do I get in shape like that guy on TV?