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Be Proud to Have Body Hair

  1. Is the amount of body hair directly proportional to the amount of testosterone in my body? Studies have shown a proportional relationship of testosterone levels to the amount of body hair. The hair growth response to testosterone differs in different parts of the body. Hence, in some men, for example, testosterone promotes hair growth in the abdomen and back while hair growth is suppressed in the scalp, leading to male pattern baldness.

Genetics plays a major role in the expression of the 5 alpha reductase enzyme, which converts testosterone to the hair-altering compound dihydrotestosterone, leading to a family tendency towards balding. The drug finasteride (propecia) inhibits the action of 5 alpha reductase, and can reverse male pattern baldness in some men.



I'd rather have less body hair!!!!!!!


Cultural and social attitudes

The attitudes towards chest hair vary between different cultures and times. In some cultures, it is a symbol for virility and masculinity; other societies display a hairless body as a sign of youthfulness. Some people find men with a lot of chest hair, pattern four, very sexually arousing. In ancient Greece and ancient Rome male statues did not show any chest hair. Even on paintings and sculptures from Middle Ages to modern times men were often portrayed without any hair on their anterior torso.

In the early Twentieth Century, attitudes toward hair on the chest was largely negative in Hollywood and in advertising. Perceiving chest hair as overtly sexual, leading men were expected to either have hairless chests or shave. Although the general public were somewhat indifferent at the time, the 1970s and 80s ushered in a trend toward admiration of the verile man and his hairy chest (e.g., Burt Reynolds, Tom Selleck, Alec Baldwin, etc.). The trend ended, however, with the late Twentieth Century trend within Western societies to once again remove chest hair. Some young men in their teens and twenties, especially in the United States and those involved in beach culture, now remove their chest hair, and it is quite common for actors, who will appear shirtless in a movie or television show, to shave their chests. The removal of body hair (depilation and epilation) by men was labelled by the personal hygiene industry as manscaping. This public trend, distributed by the media, began in the United States and spread to other Western societies. Many companies catered to men looking for ways to remove their chest hair, such as Nair for Men and Nads for Men.

While most men depicted in fashion advertising still have no chest hair, a few exceptions can now be seen, suggesting that the trend may be reversing itself once again.

Bucking the larger trend, a positive acceptance of body hair could be found amongst adherents of naturism as well as the bear community, the latter a gay subculture whose members tend to exhibit stereotypically masculine gender traits. Removing or maintaining chest hair ultimately depends on one's individual preference, which can be influenced by what is considered most attractive.


I was told by a tattoo artist that I was a hairy fucker, and I'm bloody proud. I just wish I could have the chest hair my dad has.


Testosterone seems to have no effect on the amount of hair on my body. I have part Asian genetics inherited from my mother, so my skin is very smooth and hairless all around, although I have a full head of hair on my head.

I guess I don't have to worry about all that waxing and shaving bullshit, which is a good thing anyway, because I prefer the non-hairy look - and it's in keeping with modern preference, which is not a bad thing.

Most men these days prefer a hairless pussy over a bush, and I think most women these days prefer a man to be well groomed and smooth as well.


Evolution baby; people will get less and less hairy in the the coming century.


I'm practically hairless naturally and I'm SOOOO happy about that. Practically no chest, stomach or torso hair at all. I like to keep it all concentrated on my head. :slightly_smiling:

Chicks absolutely love it, and constantly praise it. They always ask, "Do you shave it?" And when I tell them no, that I'm just naturally hairless, they say, "You're so lucky!"

Plus, my bathroom floor, shower, sink, etc. aren't constantly covered with loose hairs of various types, as seems to be the case with many hairy guys from what I hear.

I'll take my setup any day of the week. :slightly_smiling:


It is not that simple. If you have little test receptors in your skin you won't grow lots of hair. For instance black people aren't very hairy, but it isn't because they have low test level.
The same for muscles. Look, some guys have fucking high endogen testosterone level, they are horny as hell, but are skinny with no visible muscle mass. In the other hand some dudes with lower test level have good muscle mass. Why? Because their muscles cells are loaded with test receptors. If you don't have lots of test recptors in your skin or muscles cells you won't grow bunch of hair or muscle even if your test level a pretty high...

Sorry for my bad english! :wink:


You smug bastard. Flaunting your hairless body! I've got so much damn hair on my body that I can't be near an open flame with out a shirt on! Its on my chest, its on my abs, its on my back, its on my sides, its all over my legs and arms. I live in a wooded area and come hunting season if I'm working in my back yard and work up a sweat, I dare not take my shirt off lest some hunter 100 yards out gets a glimpse of something furry through the trees and tries to take a shot! I shot bigfoot! Oh wait.

I have to clean my bathroom every other day in the summer cause I shed! It gets on the walls! How the frak does it get on the walls?! I can't wear a muscle shirt at the gym, people would say 'Why do you have a sweater on under your shirt?'. And I'm always told 'you could have electrolysis', yeah right with what, a cattle prod?! And then there is women. Yeah they just love cuddling up to me, body hair is a real turn on!

But I'll tell you something, all you hairless men, I'm warm in the winter damn it and I'll go to the grave with a full head of hair!


If it makes you feel any better, once in a blue moon (like, every couple of months) I'll pluck out one or two veeeeery fine, light colored hairs near my nipples, simply because they're the only hairs in the area so they kind of don't fit in with the overall look . . . .



Well we can see that - It's just that most people don't realise that your avatar is really a life portrait. :wink:


Get creative with it, and be stylin' like this.


Some fuckers have all the luck. I forgot to pack a razor on a 10-day canoe trip. Last day of the trip we highport all the canoes up to the trucks. I stop to take a piss and some old lady snaps a photo of me. Suddenly I'm this crazy phenomena, folks harassing me and wanting plaster molds of my footpreints, pictures all over the internet. Hell, you have no idea how dangerous deer season is for me.


Hahhahaahahahahaa. I tried to keep it secret, bu alas, its really me. I look like the chimps from the PG tips advert, lol.


I'm not a hairy man at all, but..

I'd kill every last one of you if it meant I could grow a full beard.


I have a fair amount on my arms and legs, a fuckload on my chest and a few patches on my back. And if I don't shave for a couple days I get a faux-beard going.


I'm a fairly hairy guy.

Hairy chest and stomach and a few sprouters on my backside. Worryingly, im starting to get a few on my back all thought they are not that noticeable...yet.

Thing is i have a baby face, and without fail every girl who gets my shirt off or catches a glimpse of my chest always says how I don't look like i should be hairy.


I've got some hairy fucking legs, I was ashamed of it once, but now I don't really give a shit.



Echo that sentiment. I feel such an amazing moment of kinship.


How old are you, man? I think I'm in the same boat.

I also still can't grow a full beard - even with AAS.

All I can get is a goatee, moustache, some wispy sideburns and a bit of sparse hair in the beard area. It sucks!

I'd really like to have those neatly trimmed full beard 'thin lines' on my face, it'd look so cool...

Facial hair, oh facial hair, where are thee?