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Be My Guineau Pig?


Is it 265pounds? whats that in kg?

How long have you been trainin?

You get a lot of crap from many here, but 265pounds or ca.130kg is impressiv :slight_smile:

I have working out in a shitty way in 5 years, because my best deadlift is 3x100kg.:frowning:

take some of the critic from the other guys to you, maybe its not such a good idea for you to train beginners with such a unortodox training method you advocates..

If HFT is what you want to train, check out waterburys articles about this.

good luck with your training and philosopy :slight_smile:


I’m confused.


hvor faen ble det av debatten…?

where the fuck did this entirly debate go??


[quote]-ironman- wrote:
I’m confused.[/quote]

So am I.

I replyed to a debate, this is not my thread…


What the fuck?!?! What the hell happened to my thread?!?!?!


[quote]TYPE2B wrote: