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Be My Guineau Pig?


Would anybody in here please be my guineau pig for a few years? I need someone to experiment my training philosophy with. Thank you!


uhhhhh what kind of training philosophy?


You mispelled "Guinea".


I am just getting back into training after an injury set me back a year or so. I was going to pursue starting strength as my 1st program back, but I wouldn't mind being a guinea pig. What training regimen were you thinking of implementing?


Why don't you try your philosophy out on yourself for a few years?


Actually, he was clearly referring to the Guineau pig, originator of swine flu, widely known for being a test subject to cruel and unusual experiments during the French and Indian War.


hopefully MMF


Here are the requirements:

You must have atleast one year of training experience with Bill Starr's Heavy Light Medium Program... Once you have that, you, me, and pretty much anyone who is willing to join me in this experiment will be squatting, snatch grip deadlifting, and pressing 5 times a week. I prefer doing either 4-10 singles in the "PR busting day", or 2-5 doubles WITH THE SAME LOAD THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE SETS!

The other 4 days will be done with the same load, but with 50-60% of the training volume. So, if you did 6 singles at the PR busting day, the next 4 days will be done with the same weight that you did, but with only 3 reps. If it's an odd number, we always go to the higher volume range. We will do that for about... 6 months, ASSUMING THAT WE HAVE SUCCESSFULLY ADAPTED TO IT, and then add a sixth session... Every 6 months, or whenever we feel like we have adapted to the routine, we will add extra sessions. I will be telling you where you will be adding those sessions in the week.

...Here's why this can work:

-More quality repetitions in a week = SUCCESS!!!!

-You get to squat often with max weights... If you are truly obsessed with strength training, then this should be positive.

-You can rest assure that you are using the one method that has created elite olympic weightlifters!

-Your central nervous system's ability to recover with every session will increase. It's called having an outstanding work capacity.

Anybody here care to join? Even if I don't have any guinea pigs, I'm still gonna do it. Please PM me, or keep posting in this thread if you are interested.

Thank you jdub85 for the consideration!!


I will be. I just don't wanna feel alone in my journey. All my friends are into the "functional bosu ball training" crap.


High frequency training. SAID (Specific Adaptations to Imposed Demands)

Abadjhiev believed that in order for an athlete to gain great strength, he must be in a constant "training state". While you are in this training state, you will make better gains... It's all about being immuned to lifting max loads 6 days a week with multiple training sessions. Of course, it's not like I'm gonna let you guys jump from a Starting Strength program to a 3 session a day, 6 day a week training program. We will be adding small increments with the training frequency, which will be based on research, and our intuition... Who knows? We may be able to create our own training system, which may someday overpower Westside and Sheiko's dominance... Every olympic weightlifter will tell you that you can never reach the national level without training certain movements atleast 4 days a week... And more with someone who is trying to reach the international level from the national level.


you are seriously overanalyzing everything, and have read way too much and trained way to little.


Yes. Thank you for recognizing that. I think it's a great compliment... Are you in? Let's make a deal, if I can have atleast 10 guinea pigs from this website, I will stop posting for... I won't be posting until I become atleast a national level weightlifter and beyond. How's that for a deal? I'm sure the guys in the strength sports section would appreciate that... But ofcourse, I want 10 dedicated guinea pigs.


FFM he is going to watch, I am down


You, who has no lasting training experience, no standing qualifications, no positive reputation, are asking for 10 randoms, who will never meet you, never have any certainty that the training method they are doing works, to follow you and your every word for the exact reason that 'you have no friends in real life that will do it'.

Sounds like a plan!


Sounds interesting!
I would like to know more about your plans...

Feel free to PM


So tell me 2B, what is the GOAL of this program.
You are comparing it to Powerlifting Programs, so I presume the goal is to increase the Squat, Dead and Bench Press, for compitition?


Sounds great,
is this for competition?



You are free to do whatever you want, but I feel you have to know that TYPE2B:

  • is only an "advanced beginner" trainee (I'm being optimistic);

  • has been reading a lot of online articles (hopefully a few books...) about training BUT has a very limited experience in actual training.

  • has never trained with a knowlegeable coach; well, he's never had a coach at all (it's not his fault, but...);

  • is a TADD (Training Attention Deficit Disease) trainee: he's been changing programs on a weekly base, and many of them were judged "not suitable for him" (or even plainly wrong!) by more experienced lifters;

Well, now you can make a more responsible choice between proven programs designed by experienced coach (Rippetoe, Bill Starr, Pavel, Dan John, Thibaudeau, Waterbury, Cosgrove, Robertson, Cressey, and many others you can find in the archives of this site...) or TYPE2B experiment.


singles or sets of double, sounds like a recipe for overtraining. Why not just do the dan john 40 day plan, sounds similar, very high frequency and low volume. You might want to check out prelipins table ( I think I miss spelled it) for a rough guideline on sets vs reps for strength.

Anyhow, goodluck with your training if you decide to do it. Still, why not choose a program known to produce results? Don't fix what isn't broken.


I am Abadjhiev's reincarnation and I will be the one who will help America win Gold medals.

And yes, I've heard of the Prilepin table and I actually am using it now in my training... And as far as overtraining... that's gonna take months, or even YEARS to actually happen. It takes alot chronic overreaching to actually be in a genuinely overtrained state, and I could assure you that I can spot the signs of overreaching by scanning through your logs. Even you can spot over reaching... As a main rule of thumb, if your performance drops by 10% or more, DELOAD, and either:

A. Start all over again with the same routine.
B. Start all over again with a routine the is slightly less demanding.

Thank you for the advice...