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Be My Friend...


I've been here for two years and I only have two friends wtf!!!!! godbless polo and ucallthatbadass but I need more friends!!! This is what I am looking for, You must be cool,awesome,or awesome to the max!!! Awesome to the extreme would be great but I wont be picky. So in this thread convince me that your great and you'll get PICKED... Than you can run along and tell your buddies at work that your nomorewar's friend.... GOOD DAY!!!!


Just vouching here ... Nomorewar is a great friend ... he's helped me move a few times and always say yes when I need a quick loan ... plus he lets me bang his wife and she does this cool thing with her tongue when she's giving head that'll make you think you've died and gone to blowjay heaven. He just kind of sits there in the corner and cries, but never really makes a fuss and keeps the sobbing to just above audible as to not ruin the mood.

He's a great guy


Way to seize the initiative, bud.


I'm willing to be your friend, but you must meet a requirement:

-Be hot
-Be hotter than you are annoying

-I find you funny
-We agree on something
-Cool Avatar

As long as you meet one of those, I'll consider you. Expect a lot of strange PMs from me.


Hell offers its hand.


i think my annoyance outweighs my hotness ... so i'm a horrible friend




tough to judge, you're pretty high up on the scale in both categories so...


Ummm...remember the first requirement for women? You're not quite meeting that one.


oh that's just great


Wol and polo...you guys are killing me today. The friends in my head are all I need.


Who are you?


Not just great...but out-fucking-standing.


I have "cool" in my name, and the kids down the street say "You're awesome to the maX!" when I give them candy and let them play with the puppy inside the van...




no, it's just great.


Hey Polo, make a Danger Zone reference! Do it!


Sorry Wol I have to be in the zone to make it work ...


The Daynja Zone


I'm sorry, I won't let the terrorists win. This is about the OP and his inability to make internet friends.

Dear OP

Add me if you feel worthy of my friendship. I must warn you. I will send you some NASTY stuff. Don't eat and check PMs at the same time.