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Be Jealous A**holes. My Stove is Bigger Than Yours


This was my playmate for all afternoon on Sunday.


28 chicken thighs. Eat mo' chicken indeed.


She's hot!


The toaster in the back shows off the scale...


1/2 pound patties on the griddle.


Group shot. This is what she looked like after we were banging out for a solid couple hours.

(Missing from the pic - 7 sweet potatoes)


She's got a nice rack as well.


I'd do her...


only 1/2 pound patties? Those better have been sandwiched between at least two other patties before meeting any sort of vegetables or bun.


I cook like this every week on my grill. Not quite as much, just enough to get me through the week. It makes eating big so much easier when you have awesome food to eat. Even if you're dieting and eating mostly chicken breasts and such, it tastes so much better cooked over charcoal.

chargrilled hot wings + steaks + burgers + pork loin + chicken = so much win, I can't even begin to describe it.


Damn, jealous indeed.


What's the name for being jealous in someone's stead? I need to know because I'd love for my woman to have this stove to cook for me on.


I have a serial question for all you guys that pre-cook a bunch of meat in advance for the week:

What is the best method for re-heating that stuff so it tastes good. Everytime I put burgers, steak or chicken in the fridge, the next day it's dried out and not worth eating. Any tips???


I try to cook everything to where it's either just done or not quite done, that way when microwaved it's not dry. Doesn't always work out but it's the best I got.

Nice grill!! Wonder how you'd get that in a regular kitchen.


After I grill my meats for the week, I put them in a freezer bag and in the freezer. Just take whatever you plan to eat out for the day, the night before. Throw it in the microwave with just a little opening in the bag, it steams the meat. Tastes like it came straight off the grill. Like Dday said,cook the meat to just about where you like it, because the microwave will cook it the rest.