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Be Honest, Tell Me What Yall Think

Me and a buddy of mine who goes to Michigan State (went to Chattahoochi (sp) High School) went down last year 2006 to VT and UGA and it was pretty amazing I must say. UGA has some very nice looking ladies and the weather was nice too. I also did not realize how big football was there, one of the girls we stayed with… her parents are both UGA alum and rent out a condo for the weekends of a game or something… thats pretty damnt crazy

Yea its pretty insane. We pull a trailer up there every game.; Its intense.

Anyone else have any comments about the pics/diet?

Good progress mate… I tell you I first saw this post with one pic and was like WTF?? But you have made some good gains. Keep it up and more will follow.

Like everyone else, I saw the first two pics and almost tuned out. Awesome progress! It’s not that slow either, aprox 15-20lbs/year is all you should expect. Great job. How can you even move after eating a lunch like that? What type of program are you on? Need to get the wheels in line with the upper body. Keep it up!

wow, great progress. you seem like you know what you’re doing.

keep eating and lifting big, it seems to be working fairly well so far.

Thanks again fellas, i truly respect what yall think, and it really feel awesome having my fellow brothers of iron encourage me :slight_smile: Its means a lot. Um as for programs honestly i have been jumping around from ABBH (way back in the day) abbh 2 superhero shut up and lift, and a few others. But. essentially i have been lifting as heavy as i can with reps around 4-8 and every 8 weeks or so i throw in a high rep week (10ish reps) just to shock my body a lil. But i constantly change my programs at least once every 4 weeks to keep the body guessing. Keep em coming!