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Be Gentle, Its My First Time


SO im currently deployed and i have been since mid aug 08. i came here a sickening 180 at around 22-23 percent bod fat. as of right now im currently at 160 and hanging around 8-10 percent now. which is admirable i think considering my limited resources however im trying to bulk to 170 and be at around 7 percent bod fat. heres what i look like now. ill be glad to take any critiques or suggestions.


Are you going to post more pictures?


for anyone to take you seriously, post the required pics...and quick.

just some advice.


im workin on more gimme a day or so im my way back to work


You're not even close to 8-10% body fat based on that picture. Out of curiosity, how did you determine what your body fat percentage is? When you're sub 10%, your abs would be completely visible, whereas yours are not.


we have oneof those put in ur weight and height hand grip thingys and it tells u. today i did it just out of curiosity and it gave me 13 at 157. so theres a more accurate statement. regardless im still looking for advice and such. ill post more pics tonight when i get off of work.


THATS WHAT SHE SAID(this is directed at your title, hence why it is funny)


How can you tell that he's not 8-10% body fat if he's not even holding a shoe in his pic?


From the statements you made, you would actually have to be 154 pounds to be 10%. Your most likely 15-14%.


heres a back shot. i wanna get a more defined looking back


Well..... get down to a 8-10 bodyfat then


I think if you have to ask everyone to "be gentle" you probably should be training instead of posting pictures for people to rate.


You are selling yourself a bit short by not learning how to to a proper pose. This looks to me like you took this photo as a photo of that tat and are now using it to show back muscles, when there is clearly no flaring.


What is your diet like, how is your training set up. Currently I hate to tell you, but from those pictures you're just above skinny fat standards. You should most likely focus on packing on real mass from heavy consistent lifting with attention to your diet for at least a year before you should think about leaning out again.

In order to look defined, you first need enough size to have separation and THEN low enough body fat. It looks like if you got down to the single digits right now, you may look like Christian Bale in the Machinist. That's my generalized opinion without more information from you.



Why are you posting pics here?

You look like shit. And by that I mean it doesn't look like you lift weights. Do you actually think you have a physique worth posting in the rating section of a BB website?

Come on man.

Head over to the beginners forum and start working hard.


right now my diet is basically a crapload of chicken rice and veggies. theres not a whole lot of selection here. i do take a shake in the mornings on the way to work, maybe another in the afternoon. i try to do 2 bod parts a day one in the morning one at night. every other day i do 30-40mins of cardio. the army has a rule that says i have to run at least 15 miles a week. so yea its not hard to keep up with cardio.


do you lift weights?