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Be Cool

First off, I don’t care what anyone says, that was a very entertaining movie. Vince Caughn, Ced the Entertainer and the Rock stole the show. Other than those 3 there wasn’t much. But did anyone catch those huuuuge guys in the WMD’s(what a great name). Some of those guys HAD to be IFBB pros. Just curious if anyone knows who any of those guys were and if anyone else enjoyed the movie.

Haven’t seen it yet but Andre 3000 is definitely the coolest person in that movie. Now be cool. ICE COLD!

Movie was okay but those WMD guys were friggin’ gigantic. If only I had different genetics and buckets of steroids…then I too could get a non-speaking role in a movies that non-one is going to be talking about in 2 years.

I thought the whole cast did a good job in this movie, though Uma Thurman didn’t have much to say or do.

She doesn’t have to. “Just stand there and look pretty, babe. OK, now kick some ass. OK, now stand and look pretty some more.”

John Travolta probably had it in his contract that he had to be cooler than everyone else and therefore Uma Thurman had to just stand there.

Is this movie better than “Get Shorty”?